High Employee Engagement Depends On First Impressions

Written by Stijn de Groef, CEO at Talmundo. Specially for The HR Tech Weekly®.

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12 Ways The First Weeks On The Job Are The Most Critical to Employee Engagement

Did you know that most talented people switch jobs every 2-4 years? And I’m sure you’ve heard a million times already about the cost of replacing a ‘regrettable loss’, right?

Well, you might not be able to hold onto all of them, but there are some things you can do to hold onto your best talent longer. But did you know that some of these things need to be done even before your new hires show up for their first day at work? Your top talent has high expectations, so keeping their engagement level high through those first 90 days is critical, and the only way to ensure you will beyond that. That means your onboarding program has never been so vital for your business success.

This is what I’ve learned from advising hundreds of companies, mostly large employers, about how they could transform and upgrade their onboarding process:

  1. Get the administrative part done before day 1. You really don’t want this to spoil the first day on the job.
  2. Money does matter. You don’t need to pay everyone millions, but do make sure all new hires have a solid understanding of their pay & benefits package (before day 1), as well as a go-to person in case of further questions on this topic.
  3. Expectations are a two way street. A conversation about expectations and objectives between the new hire and his/her manager should take place in the first week. Everyone needs to be on the same page or disappointment will follow quickly.
  4. Everyone needs a friend. Put into place a buddy/mentor system to make sure new hires feel included in the traditions and quirks of your company. No one likes to feel like the “odd man out”.

We’ve identified an additional 8 areas that make or break the onboarding experience and directly affect employee engagement. Want to see the full list of the 12 key factors? Of course you do! Our quick scan will give you the full list of insights and allows you to assess where your organization stands against these 12 factors.

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Good luck!

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