Capabiliti launches Wizards to ease the problem of technology adoption for training & assessments by SMBs

Capabiliti launches Wizards to ease the problem of technology adoption for training & assessments by SMBs

Wizards allow companies to tackle specific problems with DIY tools – rather than adopt a complete platform. Available for Single Use and subscription.

New Delhi, 17th January: Capabiliti – the platform promoted by Qustn Technologies has taken a completely new approach to solving some key problems faced by SMBs and Enterprises, and launched Capabiliti Wizards, a technology based device-agnostic platform that allows companies to put up their content seamlessly and train anyone on-the-go.

Elaborating on this development, Mrigank Tripathi, Founder and CEO of Qustn Technologies said, “There are many users who are evolved and comfortable with terms like LMS, mobile learning etc., but there are 10 times that many who just want to get their training problem solved. By launching Capabiliti Wizards, we hope to take away the need for anyone to be bothered with technical jargons or systems, rather just focus on solving your specific problem. The first wave solves the problems of sales, product and compliance trainings, as well as allows conducting critical ready-to-use assessments, surveys and feedback internally. We will continue to add more Wizards to solve other relevant training and engagement problems of SMBs. We have kept the product very affordable, and have been getting some great feedback on it”.

This decision has been taken post studying the data gathered through a research conducted across 1294 SMB decision makers. Over 987 of those surveyed didn’t use formal technology systems and weren’t very conversant with it. 523 of said they wanted to explore technology, but didn’t know how it fit in their present scenario. Two key findings came out very strongly.

Firstly, training the sales force on the product or offering – how to sell it, and how to communicate the features-advantages-benefits of the same in a manner that remained consistent down to the last mile. The second was standard or mandatory assessments that needed to be taken by multiple users. A third ancillary problem that came out was about the prevalent pricing model that hindered technology adoption. Almost every product uses a subscription based approach – and that’s sometimes a deterrent. With Capabiliti Wizards, you have the flexibility of using the product for a single use in case the requirement is sporadic, or taking a subscription approach.

Talking about the need for such a product, Abhishek Joshi, a Capabiliti user and Head L&D of IndiaMart, said, “I used to always struggle with trying to figure out how to update my sales team or conduct mandatory assessments – and till now, it used to be over phone calls and web demos, which didn’t always work given the need for everyone to be available at the same time. Further – it didn’t allow me to track every individual user. It was more like face to face training, without the actual understanding of who is ready to sell and who isn’t. Capabiliti Wizards solves all of that and provides reports on the training progress.”

Sachin Grover, CTO and co-founder of Qustn Technologies said, “Platforms use a linear approach. Input, Processing & Output. What we came to realize is that most people needed help in performing these critical tasks. Also, there are barely any Google searches for technical solutions – but there are many for specific problems like ‘Sales training’ or ‘product training’. People need assistance, and that’s what Wizards is – an approach to remove the problems that are faced by SMBs to conduct trainings and assessments.”.

About Capabiliti

Capabiliti is used by companies of all sizes to enhance their productivity by ensuring the sales and service teams are consistently trained, assessed and engaged, through its mobile-first platform.

Backed by marquee investors such as 500 Startups, Rajan Anandan, Kunal Bahl and Girish Matrubootham; Qustn Technologies launched Capabiliti in 2015.

Awarded by Gartner, NASSCOM, IBM, Microsoft, and YourStory, Capabiliti is used by leading  enterprises including Flipkart, Indus Towers, Airtel. For more information on Capabiliti, visit


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Capabiliti beats 96 LMS apps globally at GetApp SaaS Summer Games ’16

Written by Ankit Sindhi | Originally published at The Qustn Cafe 

We’re pleased to announce that Capabiliti – your very own training and engagement platform by Qustn Technologies – has won the bronze medal at the GetApp SaaS Summer Games 2016 for the LMS category.

For those who do not know, GetApp, a Gartner owned company, is an ecosystem of business apps and software platforms such as learning management systems.

GetApp designed the SaaS summer games to find out the most popular SaaS software from the top SaaS companies globally in six different, most popular business app categories, viz. Accounting Software, Social Media Marketing Software, Learning Management System, Employee Scheduling Software, Business Intelligence, and Marketing Automation Software.

Here are the top 5 business apps from the Learning Management System category:

The Qualification Criteria

Apart from the base criteria of being listed on GetApp along with hundreds of other contenders, medals were awarded to SaaS platforms based on the average GetApp user review score of all applications in a given category, as on August 9, 2016.

Moreover, a software must have a minimum of 10 user reviews to qualify, with the gross number of user reviews for an app being the deciding mechanism in case of a tie between 2 apps on the score.

How Capabiliti Won

This win for Capabiliti coincides with the platform crossing a million training and engagement transactions on it for the second quarter running this financial year.

Clients use Capabiliti for employee feedback, training needs analysis, running contests and surveys, improving overall engagement and much more, apart from training and assessing their employees.

Here is what some of the Capabiliti users had to say, that contributed to our rankings:



ss3.pngSource: Capabiliti Reviews on

Mrigank Tripathi, Founder and CEO of Qustn Technologies – the makers of Capabiliti, personally thanked each and every Capabiliti user who supported Capabiliti and came out to express their delight on GetApp in the form of reviews. “Next year, we’re gunning for gold!” he exclaims.

I’ll take a second here and direct any interested users to try out Capabiliti for training, engagement and experience the next level of business intelligence in terms of HR right now!

Country Wise Leaderboard

Capabiliti is the only app from India that made it to the top 3 in this category. Here are the country-wise rankings according to the data provided by GetApp:

What do you think about these app evaluations? How big (or small) a role do they play in influencing your purchase decisions? Tell us!

About the Author:

Ankit SindhiAnkit Sindhi is a digital marketer with Qustn Technologies. He tries hard not to sell his wares when he writes, and often succeeds. When not at work, he is busy networking, playing music, reading, and traveling.

Source: Capabiliti beats 96 LMS apps globally at GetApp SaaS Summer Games ’16