10 Most Popular Articles of 2016 About HR, HR Tech, Recruitment and Beyond

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The HR Tech Weekly® is happy to present you the list of 10 most popular articles in our blog in 2016. The entire rank is made based on the number of views and social shares. The competition was severe but fair. Some of our favorite article got behind. But there were only ten slots available.

We did not include in the list our own listicles and third parties ranks like Top 10 HR Tech Influencers on Twitter and some others despite of they were quite popular among the audience.

Some great articles from the beginning of the year did not compete well with those from the second half. We treat it as a technical error as the blog itself was less popular that time.

Nevertheless, after careful consideration and precise calculation we’ve got the following list of readers choices, and here we go:

  1. Recruiting Secrets LinkedIn Doesn’t Want You To Know, by Ninh Tran

Today, only pockets of the tech industry still enjoy significant growth and hiring volumes, for example, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. To satisfy hiring teams, talent acquisition professionals must find better and more creative ways to reach premier talent and generate their interest for the right opportunity. Can LinkedIn be an excellent recruiting channel to connect the right people with the right roles?

  1. What you need to know about Agile Performance Management, by Yatin Pawar

Agile performance management is a collaborative, continuous feedback and development practice that is steadily replacing traditional performance management.

Traditional performance management has proven to be insufficient to assess and enhance an employee’s contribution. Its primary focus is setting up a series of processes to measure the employee’s performance over the whole year. These processes end up having an unanticipated effect of managers focusing on employee’s weaknesses.

  1. The Future of Recruiting and Hiring with AI, by Noel Webb

The buzz around artificial intelligence this year is being shrugged off by many as just a new word HR got ahold of, but what would happen if AI was actually embraced by the recruiting and hiring world? What could it do to further practices and solve problems?

  1. HR Tech Is So Dynamic and Still Has Very Much a Work in Progress, Q & A with Bill Kutik

As for being on the other side of the table… being a good interviewer means taking second chair to the person being interviewed. Teasing out and highlighting what they know. Since much of what I do are interviews and panels (except for my columns), I don’t get to do much of the talking. So I love whenever the roles are reversed!

  1. The HR function is in the middle of a process which will change it forever, by Marco Pastore

The New Way of Working (NWoW) is rising and the reasons behind this are in the latest trends in HR: Autonomy, Accountability, Flexibility and ICT.

Most companies are following or are planning to follow this trend, and for good reasons! But before speaking about the benefits, it is better to understand what this trends mean with some examples.

  1. What LinkedIn’s Buyout with Microsoft means for the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem, by Brian Delle Donne

While critics point to Microsoft acquisition failures like Nokia and Yammer, neither one of those companies open up the ability for increased ad revenue, user interaction data or video conferencing abilities.

  1. Building a Culture of Confidence, by Lisa Feigen Dugal

Confidence and competence: Two invaluable characteristics to possess in today’s professional environment. While these traits have different meanings, they are inextricably linked. Consistent research findings show men tend to overestimate their competence while women underestimate it, yet research has also shown that women tend to be more effective, and more competent, leaders.

  1. 5 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics Degrees Are Worth It, by Lauren Willison

Due in large part to the rapid growth of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, big data analytics is approaching new heights. Students who pursue a degree in big data analytics learn how to effectively analyze large sets of data and identify patterns, connections and other pertinent details revealed by data. Companies are increasingly turning to data analytics to harness customer insights, and ultimately, produce better business decisions. As a result, big data analysts are in high demand and the data analytics field is showing no signs of slowing down.

  1. Great Companies Are Built Around Great People, by Annie Jordan

There is a lot of truth in the saying that great companies are built upon great people. However, the reality is, of course, more complicated than that. The world’s leading companies are a powerful blend of people, vision, capability and culture. These things work together like the mechanics of a rocket, generating and maintaining irresistible momentum.

  1. How You Can Improve Customer Experience With Fast Data Analytics, by Ronald van Loon

In today’s constantly connected world, customers expect more than ever before from the companies they do business with. With the emergence of big data, businesses have been able to better meet and exceed customer expectations thanks to analytics and data science. However, the role of data in your business’ success doesn’t end with big data – now you can take your data mining and analytics to the next level to improve customer service and your business’ overall customer experience faster than you ever thought possible.

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The new exciting year is ahead and we are looking forward to serve you with the best content. We wish you useful and productive reading with us! Stay tuned and we’ll be back…

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50+ Online Sources for HR Managers, Part 2

50+ Online Sources for HR Managers, Part 2

The HR Tech Weekly® had already presented its 50+ Online Sources for HR Managers this year, which could be called as Part 1 now, our primary reading list about Human Resources, HR Technology, Recruitment and beyond.

We told that the list was not exhaustive and can easily be expanded up to 100 or 200 and still would not be complete as there are thousands of sources around the web. Since that we’ve got a number of inquiries to try.

Here is our Part 2 of 50+ Online Sources for HR Managers, and Recruiters so far collected in an alphabetical order:

  1. Adrian Tan Blog: http://adriantan.com.sg

  2. Ask a Manager: http://www.askamanager.org

  3. Beamery Blog: https://blog.beamery.com

  4. Bonusly Blog: http://blog.bonus.ly

  5. BreatheHR: http://worklab.breathehr.com

  6. Ceridian HCM Blog: http://www.ceridian.ca/blog

  7. Cezanne HR: https://cezannehr.com

  8. China Gorman: https://chinagorman.com

  9. Corn on the Job: http://www.cornonthejob.com

  10. EmployeeConnect: https://www.employeeconnect.com/blog

  11. Everyday People: http://sbrownehr.com

  12. Evil HR Lady: http://www.evilhrlady.org

  13. HireVue’s Build Blog: https://www.hirevue.com/blog/build-blog

  14. HRE Daily: http://blog.hreonline.com

  15. HR Ringleader: http://hrringleader.com

  16. HR Tech Advisor: https://hrtechadvisor.com

  17. HR Tech Blog: http://www.hrtechblog.com

  18. HRTech Conscience: https://hrtechcon.com

  19. HR Times: https://hrtimesblog.com

  20. HR 360: http://blog.hr360.com

  21. Indeed Blog: http://blog.indeed.com

  22. In Full Bloom: http://infullbloom.us

  23. Inside My Head… : https://garethjones.me

  24. Insperity HR Blog: https://www.insperity.com/blog

  25. Jason Averbook: http://www.jasonaverbook.com

  26. Laurie Ruettimann: http://laurieruettimann.com

  27. NGA Human Resources: https://ngahrblog.co.uk

  28. People Simplified: https://blog.piqube.com

  29. People Stuff: https://hrgemblog.com

  30. Recruiting Daily: http://recruitingdaily.com

  31. Recruiting Headlines: http://recruitingheadlines.com

  32. Recruitment Juice: http://recruitmentjuice.com

  33. Robin Schooling: http://robinschooling.com

  34. Save HR: http://savehr.com

  35. Smart Recruiters: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/blog

  36. Snark Attack: https://mattcharney.com

  37. The Business of Talent: http://blog.bersin.com

  38. The HR Capitalist: http://www.hrcapitalist.com

  39. The HR Gazette: http://hr-gazette.com

  40. The Qustn Cafe: http://blog.capabiliti.co

  41. Top HR Blog: http://humanresourcesblog.in

  42. T Recs: https://mervyndinnen.wordpress.com

  43. Undercover Recruiter: http://theundercoverrecruiter.com

  44. UpRaise Blog: http://upraise.io/blog

  45. WISP HR Blog: https://wispapp.com/blog

  46. Women of HR: http://womenofhr.com

  47. Woobe: http://www.woobe.hr/blog

  48. Workforce Intelligence: http://www.visier.com/workforce-intelligence-blog

  49. XpertHR Blog: http://www.xperthr.com/blog

  50. Your HR Buddy !! : http://nisharaghavan.com

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So, Part 1 and Part 2 give us 100+ brilliant sources which is the good start for reading. Ugh, we told about possible 200… Really? Part 3 is coming next year.

Stay tuned!

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The HR Tech Weekly® Awarded Top 100 HR Blogs for Human Resource & Talent Management Experts

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List of top 200 HR blogs for Human Resource & Talent Management experts ordered by popularity based on search engine ranking, content quality and popularity on social networks.

In order to be included, each blog was required to meet several criteria:

  • Contribute thoughtful insights and analysis to the HR community
  • Offer a unique voice and perspective
  • Have a loyal following and readership
  • Publish content at least once a month

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  1. Google reputation and Google search ranking
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Top 100 HR Blogs Winners

Top 100 HR Blogs AwardCONGRATULATIONS to every blogger that has made this Top HR blogs list! This is the most comprehensive list of top Human Resource blogs on the Internet and we are honoured to be as part of this!

The HR Tech Weekly® has the honour of displaying the special badge on our site.

Thank your very much to all and everybody in our fabulous international team of contributors! There wouldn’t be any success without you. You guys rock! True and proud!

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Source: Top 100 HR Blogs for Human Resource & Talent Management Experts

BambooHR’s Top 10 HR Blogs (2016 Edition)

Selected by Bryson Kearl | Originally published at BambooHR Blog

Bryson Kearl, Creative Copywriter at BambooHR
Bryson Kearl, Creative Copywriter at BambooHR

We pandas love all-things HR – which is why we love to read every good piece of content written about HR on the vast Internet. There’s never been a better time to discuss HR since the industry is in the middle of a strategic revolution. But it can be tough prioritizing our time when there’s so much HR goodness out there to ingest. Where to begin? Who to follow regularly?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Below is our ever-changing list of our Top 10 HR Blogs. Take a minute (or thousand) to check them out and glean the goodness that comes from each.

(Quick note on our methodology: We took an analytical approach to see which sites perform the best, made a few qualitative judgment calls, added a pinch of our personal preferences, and voilà! Then we put the ten best in alphabetical order.)

Ask a Manager

What makes this blog so unique is how engaged the readers are. On a recent “Friday open thread,” the post had over 1,200 comments! By tackling tough questions straightforward and interacting with her community, Alison Green has created a safe haven for business leaders looking for hard answers.


Focused on recognition, this blog looks and feels like a Pinterest board specially designed for the thoughtful HR rep. Whether you’re looking for recipes for a Cinco de Mayo office party or looking to give your wellness program a boost, Baudville has you covered.

Evil HR Lady

The Evil HR Lady (Suzanne Lucas) has been doing this for at least a decade, and you can find her on just about any business-related website. But her blog is the best place to find all her articles in an easy-to-consume format – which is good because it’s almost impossible to think of an HR-related subject she hasn’t covered before. Multiple times. In depth.

Fistful of Talent & The HR Capitalist

Both of these blogs are products of the mind of Kris Dunn. FOT reads like a Bill Simmons-run site filled with fun and “sexy” (their words, not ours) HR-related goodness written by both Dunn and various other highly-respected industry thought leaders. THRC is very much the same, but it focuses more on the nitty-gritty subjects that HR pros are interested in (and Dunn is the sole writer).

HR Bartender

Founded and run by Sharlyn Lauby, this blog covers a wide variety of topics in a friendly—yet detailed – way HR professionals will understand and be able to apply. Just like the namesake, spending time on this blog feels like a casual conversation with a friendly bartender who is always there and always full of practical advice.

HR Examiner

The HR Examiner offers high-level blog posts and podcasts that focus on technology and people in Human Resources. For any HR pro working in a highly competitive market, this blog (founded by John Sumner) is a must-read to gain next-level strategic insights that may be hard to find elsewhere.

HR Ringleader

Trish McFarlane, whose blog this is, has a resume that speaks for itself. And she is an HR woman through and through, which means she offers a rich perspective on matters that resonate with HR pros. And both McFarlane’s blog posts and podcasts are useful without being overly-complicated.

Laurie Reuttimann

Formerly of The Cynical Girl, this is Reuttimann’s new website. And just like in her previous site, she is full of personality, opinion, and charm. In fact, each of Reuttimann’s posts oozes with personality. So, you’re not just gaining valuable HR gems when you come to this blog, but you feel like you’re gaining a friend. A very candid friend.

Talent Culture

This site is an invaluable resource with an extensive catalog of useful posts. With six different categories of blogs (Workplace Culture & Innovation, Career Strategy, Talent Management, HR Technology, Social Learning, and Leadership), an HR pro could spend hours on this site without getting bored. If only you had that kind of time…


Here is a goldmine of informational wealth about anything related to HR or talent management. You can visit TLNT daily for cutting edge research, news, HR thought leadership, and actionable insights. And with a seemingly endless supply of contributors and resources, every HR pro should probably subscribe to their newsletter and make TLNT a part of their normal routine.


Who did we miss? Please let us know what other HR blogs you frequent and we’ll make sure to consider them next time we make our list. Until then, happy reading!

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Source: BambooHR’s Top 10 HR Blogs (2016 Edition) | BambooHR Blog

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