Millennials Take on Sourcing

Millennials Take on Sourcing

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Millennial Sourcers Ready to Take Off

Sourcer SeanKelly Anderson

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with SeanKelly Anderson, an up and coming sourcer, in Bellevue, WA. SeanKelly and I met on a rainy Sunday morning in late January for breakfast at the very popular Chace’s Pancake Corral.  As everyone is Seattle is painfully aware, the traffic during the week is horrendous pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Sunday is a much lighter travel day thankfully.

On this Sunday SeanKelly had a small window of down time to chat about her professional ambitions and life as a sourcer. The conversation was enlightening and fun. As recruiting continues to grow vital tips and tricks for new sourcers will prove invaluable.

The business of recruiting and sourcing is incredibly hard work and after talking with SeanKelly it became clear that she isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to help connect great candidates with amazing opportunities. SeanKelly grew up in Bellevue, WA and then went east to New York for college. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication from Manhattanville College in beautiful Purchase, NY.

In SeanKelly’s brief time in the field she has interned with Velocity Search Partners (Bellevue, WA) and Recruiting Bandwidth (Seattle, WA). She’s also worked as a sourcing specialist for ProHealth Staffing (Queen Anne, Seattle). In her spare time she is a singer/songwriter who dabbles in ‘Magic the Gathering’. What’s more, SeanKelly also loves to cook weird combinations of foods.

Over the course of our two plus hours together we covered a variety of topics from why she is passionate about sourcing/recruiting to her thoughts on what millennials need to do to be successful in the work world. I’ve included a few of the highlights from our conversation.

Background and Preparation for a Career in Recruiting

It was great getting to know SeanKelly and learn about her passion for recruiting and sourcing. After we chatted about what she had been up to ‘work-wise’ we jumped right into her educational background and family.

When I asked SeanKelly to reflect on how her educational experiences and upbringing had influenced her career so far she shared the following:

My parents worked extremely hard to enroll me into a fantastic all-girls Catholic private school, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, from 5th grade to 12th grade. Forest Ridge had incredible teachers that wanted nothing else but to set us all up for success. This school was incredibly difficult to succeed at if you weren’t a natural at physics, mathematics, or history. Being a young woman with ADHD, I struggled a lot to keep up with the workload–but that struggle was what truly helped me as I grew into adulthood. I learned how to manage time at such a young age, that now, I find myself being able to double down and focus easier than those around me. 

The teachers who had my back are also contributors to what I view as a good quality I have now. Some teachers stayed late to meet, some came in early. It was really amazing. Having that support system and that experience of learning time-management so young really helped me succeed going into college, and has followed me into young adulthood.

I then asked her how she got into Sourcing and Recruiting:

My mom, Shannon Anderson. I have seen her thrive in her career for as long as I can remember! Throughout my life I have seen the good and bad side of being a recruiter, but mostly the good. She is one of the main reasons why I wake up every morning and go to work an hour and a half early every day- because I saw her take the extra steps and walk the extra mile my entire life, and she is the most successful woman I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. 

What Fires You Up About Recruiting?

I asked SeanKelly what she was most passionate about regarding HR, Recruiting and Sourcing? Why? Also, what is the best part of her job?

There are two sides of being a Sourcing Recruiter that I’m passionate about. I am incredibly passionate about helping people and gaining relationships with talented individuals in the Health Care industry! The other side that I’m passionate about is, of course, hitting my numbers and hitting beyond my numbers. It’s a great feeling waking up every morning and telling myself that I’m going to do whatever it takes to submit 25 candidates that week. I’ve noticed that the more positive your approach to a situation is, the easier it is to attain that goal. 

What is the best part of your job? 

My team. I have never been so happy in my entire life. I work with two amazing young ladies, who were both involved in the beginning stages of our sourcing team without any prior experience. My manager, Erica Diane, was in credentialing before she asked for a leadership role. She led our team, and she has been the most amazing, accepting, and hard-working young professional I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She won the PHS Rockstar of the Year award, which made our team look pretty great as well!

We all support each other, which is the other great thing about this job. There is a gong that we ring whenever one of us submits a candidate- whenever we ring that bell we are always cheering each other on. Also, there is a healthy competitive dynamic as well. I know that I feed off of my co-workers drive. If someone has 5 submittals before 12pm, you better believe I’m pushing myself until I get 8 submittals before 2pm!

Why is Recruiting so Difficult?

What part of sourcing & recruiting is challenging? Why?

Definitely the struggle of consistently hitting our numbers. In reality, every week is going to be different. One week you could be finding 8 candidates every day, and the other week your grand total of the entire week could be 10 submittals.

The thing about working with people is that people are unpredictable. Sometimes they want to talk, and sometimes they don’t. You just have to keep calling, emailing, or texting until they give you a solid answer. Luckily, I use this struggle as more motivation. It just depends on how you view the situation. 

What do Millennials Want?

It’s so great to understand what millennials are thinking. In your conversations with millennials what are you finding are they most anxious about (in reference to their professional careers)?

The honest answer I can give you is: money. Another one is: internships. When I ask friends who are seniors in college what they are planning on doing after they graduate, the first response is, “Anything that will make me money!” and then after that, the next response is, “I don’t have any internships, is this going to make it hard for me to get a job?”

In order to help Millennials be better prepared for the work world, what do they need to do? 

Internships. Job fairs. Networking. I am a strong believer in making personal connections–whether you have a friend who knows other professionals, or if you network at a job fair and connect on LinkedIn–I think it is incredibly important to invest time in yourself and your professional network! 

Why do You Want to Blog About Recruiting?

Have you ever written for a blog before? What intrigues you about writing for a blog like Crelate’s?

Yes! Back in college, I was very inspired by the online body positivity movement. It lead me to create a 1-month experimental blog that featured interviews with individuals I knew who were involved in the BoPo movement. It also featured plus-sized fashion tips and tricks that I have picked up throughout the years! While writing for Crelate isn’t exactly in the same realm as fashion, I’m so excited to join Crelate in bringing a Millennial voice to important conversations. I love how my topics connect with young professionals and I know that some of the topics I’m going to be bringing to light are things I would want to read about as well. 

In your experience, how do Millennials engage with blogs? Mostly reading on phones or tablets? Other ways?

Phones and computers are key. There are so many platforms and devices that we can use to experiment and engage with news and blogs–but I find that our phones are accessible enough for us to engage whenever we want. 

What do you think Millennials (working in HR/Recruiting) can gain from subscribing to (or following) blogs that address issues pertinent to Recruiting, Sourcing, and HR?

Now that we are bringing Millennials to the table, young professionals will be able to connect and relate with articles written by people going through the same situations as them. Also, by seeing content from more experienced professionals millennials can learn a lot. It’s great that we are covering topics Millennials can relate to because it gives more exposure to topics on the blog that may help us younger folk! 

Finally, what are a few broad topics you will pursue as you write articles for the Crelate Blog?

The first article I’m going to write is going to be called something like “Millennials, Get Used to Job Transitions! Here are Some Tips and Tricks!” or “The Stages of Losing the Job you loved, and How to Get Back on Track!”. Other ones are going to be advice-based like “How to Indicate if a Company is Being Truthful During an Interview or How to Decipher Whether your First Company is a Hit or Miss”. Additionally, some are going to be more self-reflective like ” What are Your Values? What do You Need to Feel in Order to Feel Like you’re Succeeding at your Company?”

The Career Path Doesn’t Always Go in a Straight Line

We are delighted that SeanKelly Anderson is going to be contributing articles to the Crelate Blog.

For those starting their careers as HR professionals SeanKelly will provide fascinating stories, musings, and advice.

Her contributions will also be beneficial for people looking to learn tips and tricks for landing great gigs. It’s incredibly beneficial to hear from a millennial perspective on jobs, work, and the economy.

Want to be an amazing at sourcing? Check out SeanKelly Anderson‘s articles on the Crelate Blog for the latest tips & tricks for successful sourcing.

Source: Millennials Take on Sourcing – Crelate

How HR Tech Companies Should Build Their Sales Funnels To Create More Customers

How HR Tech Companies Should Build Their Sales Funnels To Create More Customers

How HR Tech Companies Should Build Their Sales Funnels To Create More Customers

When it comes to growing your HR Tech company, there are a million things that will come up as ideas and plans and “must-dos” in order to get more customers.

But it really comes down to this…

Building a systematic process that you can rely on that will turn strangers into happy, loyal, paying customers.

This is not easy, but as long as you know your customers and your product, it doesn’t have to be complicated. And the more “noise” that gets added to the conversation, the further you are going to get from creating your path to success.

Your company might be able to gain some initial traction from your existing networks and connections, and leveraging some sporadic word-of-mouth, or maybe the novelty of being new to the market, but that will only get you so far.

That’s where your system comes into play.

3 Stages Of Focus To Get You Customers

The 3 main questions to focus on for the highest impact are simple:

  1. How are we getting the attention of our target audience?
  2. How are we turning that audience into permission-based leads? (meaning they have signed up and self-qualified as an ideal customer and given you permission to build a relationship with them)
  3. How are we educating and motivating people to be excited to buy from us?

After those 3 things are accomplished, then you can build on top of them to grow at scale. But until you have these steps down and working profitably, you’ll be suffering from the dreadful sickness of Random Acts of Marketing. This leads to wasted time and money.

Not to fear! There is a simple cure…

A cure that will send out your dollars and efforts to bring back more of their friends. This cure is a systematic approach to launch, test, and improve your customer acquisition.

1. Getting Attention & Awareness

In this “top of the funnel” stage, you want to put yourself where your customers are hanging out and consuming information so that they start to find you and pay attention to what you have to say.

Online, this commonly takes place by publishing articles on your blog and then sharing them on social media using hashtags that are common for your industry. Then going out and connecting with your ideal customers on their preferred social media channels and striking up conversations with them with the main focus being to open a relationship and provide them value upfront.

As a byproduct, when you integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into those blog posts, they’ll also help you start ranking on Google when people are searching common terms related to your products and services.

And with social media being the plumbing of today’s word of mouth, your blog content will help to fuel the sharing of people talking about you.

Get active in the online communities where your target customers are hanging out. Join in on the conversations and start adding value by listening and helping address the problems that they are having.

This activity will lead to visibility which will lead to opportunity.

2. Generating Permission-Based Leads

Now that you have their attention and your ideal customers are on your website (reading your blog posts), it’s time to move them along their customer journey and convert them from a visitor into a Lead.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to buy your brilliant product today, but it means they are a qualified candidate for becoming a great customer and successfully using your product.

Did you know that only 3% of a market is active buyers at any given time?

That means you need to focus on building those relationships with the other 97% so that when they become part of the 3% active buyers, you are there and ready and have already earned their trust and demonstrate your credibility.

This is how marketing is meant to be and how to make the sales process seamless.

3. Converting Leads Into Sales

You have driven awareness of your brand in your target market.

You’ve earned their attention.

You’ve gotten their permission to continuously provide them value before they become an active buyer.

Here is where you butter your bread.

With your follow up.

Once you have someone on your email list, it’s time to educate and motivate them, patiently and systematically, to meet with you when they are ready.

Send them messages regularly (at least once a week) that will add value to their life. Maybe that’s a quick email with a link to an article they’d find interesting, maybe it’s a new utility that will make their lives more convenient practically.

By sending out these emails, you are building a relationship with them so they Know, Like, and Trust you. The keys to making sales easy.

You’re also being persistent in a friendly way, so that when the time comes for them to move to their active buying stage, you are there with an easy way for them to get started.

Do You Have A System For Creating Customers?

By now, you should see the value in implementing a system for creating customers. Another byproduct that we didn’t touch on, but is very valuable, is that when you have a system, you can TEST what’s working and what’s not.

The elements in your system may not always be home runs. Most likely, very few will be. And it’s important to know this is not a one and done attempt. The system is reliable. The elements are what you need to test and improve.

Most social media ads fail on their first run, but that collects data for you to make the next campaign work. Maybe the original kind of blog posts you’re writing aren’t getting the attention of your audience. The offer you are making on your website might not convert a visitor into a Lead because it’s not intriguing or valuable enough from their perspective. Your email offers might not be irrefutable enough to motivate active buyers.

But when you have a system in place, you can see where there is a drop off and make improvements.

The system is the track to get your car on the road. Once you start driving, it’s easy to course correct.

But you can’t steer a parked car.

So take the time to focus on your 3 simple questions and put a system in place so that you can start testing and improving your customer acquisition and growing your HR Tech company more reliably and more profitably.

If you want to share this article the reference to Todd Giannattasio and The HR Tech Weekly® is obligatory.

50+ Online Sources for HR Managers

HD HRTW profile photo

Inspired by recent HR and HR Tech related selections from William Tincup and Tim Sackett as well as those previously done by Sabrina Son from TINYpulse and Hagi Trinh from Recruitee, The HR Tech Weekly® generated its’ own list of online sources for HR Managers.

It has taken us just several minutes to write it down and therefore we consider it as our primary reading list. There are different types of web-based sources in here excluding just Social Media accounts, which in itself are the powerful media tool.

The list is not exhaustive for sure. It can easily be expanded up to 100 or 200 and still would not be complete as there are thousands of them, really. Numbering is not related to any ranking and done in an alphabetical order.

It should be treated as a good start for someone’s journey to the fascinating world of Human Resources, HR Technologies, Recruitment and People Development, and be helpful not only for dummies but also for ‘advanced users’ to keep their bookmarks in order.

Also we consider important to note that this is our proprietary choice, and here we go:

  1. 42 Hire:
  2. BambooHR Blog:
  3. Bersin by Deloitte:
  4. Boolean Black Belt:
  5. Boolean Strings:
  6. Bounty Jobs Blog:
  7. CIPD | Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development:
  8. Crelate Blog:
  9. DDI® | Development Dimensions International:
  10. Elucidat Blog:
  11. Entelo Blog:
  12. Fistful of Talent:
  13. Glassdoor for Employers:
  14. Google re:Work:
  15. HireVue Blog:
  16. HR Bartender:
  17. HRD | The HR Director:
  18. HR Grapevine:
  19. HR Magazine:
  20. HR Morning:
  21. HRN Blog:
  22. HR Open Source:
  23. HR Tech Fest:
  24. HR Technology® Conference & Exposition:
  25. HR Tech World Congress:
  26. HR Trend Institute:
  27. HR Zone:
  28. Human Resource Executive Online®:
  29. Jibe Blog:
  30. People Matters:
  31. Recruitee Blog:
  32. Recruiting Blogs:
  33. RecruitLoop Blog:
  34. SHRM® | Society for Human Resource Management:
  35. Skeeled Blog:
  36. Social-Hire:
  37. Social Talent Blog:
  38. Sourcing Wizard:
  39. Steve Boese’s HR Technology:
  40. Talent Board:
  41. Talent Culture:
  42. The HRIS World:
  43. The Human Resources Social Network:
  44. The Savage Truth:
  45. The Tim Sackett Project:
  46. TINYpulse Blog:
  47. TLNT | Talent Management and HR:
  48. Xenium Blog:
  49. #HRTechTank:
  50. #HRU | HR Unconferences:

Featured link: Firing Line with Bill Kutik®

Supplementary reading:
The HR Tech Weekly® | Official Website:
The HR Tech Weekly® Blog:
The HR Tech Weekly® Digest:
HR Tech Online: 
HR Tech Magazine:

The HR Tech Weekly @ Your Service | Annual Report 2015


The HR Tech Weekly was newly launched on October 19, 2015 and within less than 2,5 months became a full-fledged digital ecosystem including the weekly digest, official blog and cross-linked accounts in major Social Media.

The entire network connects 6 026 people and companies, generated 2 862 posts, reached by 10 478 753 readers by the end of the year.

The HR Tech Weekly mention reach index during that time was 1 052 720. We also gained 3 511 501 views of the curated content.

The major source of lead-generation was Twitter, followed by Google+ and Facebook with huge separation. It is explained by that was a strategic decision to concentrate our activities on Twitter while leave other sources in the background for the time being.

The majority of our Twitter followers live in the USA (48,2%), around one third live in Europe (19,1% in UK, and 10% in other European countries), 5,5% live in Canada, 5,1% in Australia, 3,4% in India, and 8,2% in the rest of the world.

Our official blog got 53,7% of all views from Russia, while Twitter account 0,5% only. 23,1% viewers came there from the United States, 4,8% from Great Britain, 10% from other European countries, while 8,5% from the rest of the world.

Russia also leads on Facebook with 80% of views came from. 4% of our Facebook readers arrived from USA, and 16% from the rest of the world. One third of Russian audience live in Moscow and St.Petersburg (19% and 11% respectively), 33% in Moscow Oblast, while 37% came from other regions.

The gender separation at all the sources is almost equal with 50% of men, 49% of women and 1% of those who did not specify this attribute.

Our audience is split by age as following: 23% 25-34 (15% women, 8% men), 44% 35-44 (22% of each gender), 21% (8% women, 13% men) of 45-54 years old.

The most popular article in our official blog and on LinkedIn was “Top 10 Articles of 2015 in HR Tech, Recruitment, Startups and Around” written by Alexey Mitkin exclusively for The HR Tech Weekly.

The most popular post on Facebook was “Nominate Your Favorite Social Media Blog: 7th Annual TOP 10 Social Media Blog Contest” in support of The HR Tech Weekly nomination.

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We would like to thank you all and everybody who supported us and have believed!

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Top 10 Articles of 2015 in HR Tech, Recruitment, Startups and Around

Written by Alexey Mitkin, exclusively for The HR Tech Weekly blog.


There is no other best time to present somebody’s top 10 (15 or even 20) chart of something than the end of the year. The HR Tech Weekly, at your service, is following this good tradition, and compile it’s own Top 10 Articles of 2015 in HR Tech, Recruitment, Startups and Around. 

We did not use any other metrics to include the article in the list than it made the difference for us at any reason within the year.

There is a great number of the bright posts from other tremendous authors, blogs and digital sources at any scale beyond the entire chart but worthy to be named among the best content of the year for sure.

This is our proprietary choice, and here we go!

1. Costas Markides: the New Future through the Digital Revolution

Written by Saida Ayupova, being Content Manager at HRN Europe | Originally published in the HR Tech World Blog

2. It’s Time to Move Past Talent Management to a People-Focused HR Strategy

Written by Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte | Originally published in the Human Resources Executive Online

3. The Secret to Recruitment Success – Seriously

Written by Greg Savage, Principal at Greg Savage-The Savage Truth | Originally published in The Savage Truth Blog

4. How CloudLock Built Its Employer Brand: 5 Steps You Can Follow

Written by Ed Nathanson, Founder of Red Pill Talent | Originally published in LinkedIn Talent Blog

5. Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots

Written by Alexander C. Kaufman, Business Editor at The Huffington Post | Originally published in The Huffington Post

6. What Does Social Entrepreneurship Mean to Actor Adrian Grenier?

Written by John Kell, Reporter at Fortune Magazine | Originally published in Fortune

7. HR Tech 2015: Now Everybody Wants To Be The “Uber Of Recruitment”

Written by Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources | Originally published in ERE Media TLNT | Talent Management and HR

8. Take This Template And Shove It: How We See Managing Millennials

Written by Mark V. Herd, CEO at Oracle | Originally published in LinkedIn Pulse

9. Startups – The End or Beginning of a Great Story?

Written by Avisha Verma, Content Associate at People Matters | Originally published in People Matters

10. Recruitment Predictions for 2016: HR Technology

Written by the Team | Originally published in the Blog

Featured Article: SnapRecruit: New Recruitment Workflow App for Startups & Small Businesses

Written by the SnapRecruit Team | Originally published in Wizoid

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The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week

Written by  | Originally published in LinkedIn Talent Blog

In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you.

We took a look at the articles staffing and corporate recruiters shared, liked, and commented on the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days and posted them below.

Here are the top posts for this week:

1. The 19 Hottest Jobs for 2016 — by Jacquelyn Smith

2. These Will Be the Most In-Demand Jobs in 2016 — by Lydia Dishman

3. 5 Tips to Avoid Scaring Away Top Tech Talent — by Sarah K. White

4. Phone Sourcing is a Seduction – Not a Sell! — by Greg Savage

5. 10 Hottest Tech Skills for 2016 — by Mary K. Pratt

6. 6 Reasons You Should Keep Up Your Job Search During the Holiday Season — by Sophie Deering

7. These Will Be the Most In-Demand Jobs In 2016 — by Lydia Dishman

8. The Real Reason Qualified People Don’t Get Hired — By Liz Ryan

9. What Are the Secrets of an Effective CV? — by James Caan CBE

10. Are You Hiring Toxic Workers? It’s Costly! — by Jan Johnston Osburn


*Image by Loïc Lagarde

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Source: The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week

Top 20 HR Blogs to Follow

Written by Sabrina Son | Originally published at TINYnews.

As an HR professional, you need to keep up with the latest trends. These 20 blogs are a treasure trove of knowledge for employee engagement.

Optimized-iStock_000078444667_SmallThink there aren’t any breakthroughs in HR? Think again. Just like the world’s best musicians, actors, and artists never stop studying and refining their craft, so too should HR professionals and managers constantly look for areas in which they can improve.

If you’re trying to improve your HR department — and continuous improvement should always be a goal — the first thing you should know is that you don’t have to do it completely on your own. You can follow these 20 HR blogs instead:

1. Bonusly

It’s a known fact that employee recognition is a must-have in the workplace (or at least it needs to be). Bonusly knows a thing or two about employee appreciation, so turn to them when you want the nitty-gritty on recognition.

Must-read post: 10 Reasons to Ditch Employee of the Month Certificates

2. Glassdoor

Despite being known as a place for disgruntled employees to vent, Glassdoor also caters to employers with their blog. Learn all the tips and tricks for recruiting in this employee market.

Must-read post: How to Create Content for Social Recruiting Purposes

3. SnackNation

The folks over at SnackNation understand that accomplishing great things starts with a great appetite. Their blog is certainly worth following, particularly if you’re looking for some wellness ideas that can help increase employee engagement.

Must-read post: 87 Fun Office Activities That Make Work Awesome

4. HR Bartender

Like Demers, Sharlyn Lauby has found a career in HR. Because her job involves talking with employees constantly, she fancies herself a bartender of sorts. Her blog — appropriately titled HR Bartender — focuses on leadership and management, office politics, and career advice.

Must-read post: Use an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) to Create Employee Engagement

5. Evil HR Lady

People in HR aren’t evil — though some folks might perceive them that way. Enter Evil HR Lady, a place where that stereotype is debunked by exposing what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Must-read post: What if Charlie Sheen Were Your Employee 

6. Acacia HR Solutions

Looking for another blog to follow that offers great tips on potentially controversial HR situations? Look no further than the blog maintained by Acacia HR Solutions. Take my word for it: you’ll like what you find.

Must-read post: The Biggest Challenge for Small Business Recruitment and How to Overcome

7. HR Ringleader

Trish McFarlane maintains HR Ringleader, a blog that covers the latest developments related to HR technology and human capital management. Follow her blog and get fresh insight on how to be a better manager or HR professional.

Must-read post: 3 Critical Elements of Teamwork

8. Your HR Buddy

HR representatives are supposed to be your buddy. But not all of them act that way. There’s good news: Nisha Raghavan maintains Your HR Buddy, a blog that explores career advice, employee engagement, management, and, perhaps most importantly, how we can have fun at work.

Must-read post: Hire Ambitious Employees

9. Corn on the Job

Rich DeMatteo offers advice and opinions for everyday job seekers on Corn on the Job. In addition to offering a wealth of tips and tricks, this blog perhaps takes the cake for having the coolest name. Added bonus: readers of Corn on the Job are referred to as “corn heads.” Need we say more?

Must-read post: The Workplace That Employers Will Need to Have in the Future

10. HR Potential

Looking for an HR perspective from a young mom? Head on over to HR Potential, a comprehensive HR-focused blog that’s maintained by Helen Tracey. You’ll learn about things like why leadership shouldn’t be hereditary and why we need to rethink networking.

Must-read post: The Dark Side of Personality Testing

11. Everyday People

Steve Browne lives and breathes all things HR. There’s good news for the rest of us: he regularly maintains an HR-focused blog, Everyday People, where he offers advice as to what folks can do to improve their careers and be happier at work. As a manager or HR professional, you will almost certainly want to hear what this funny and insightful guy has to say.

Must-read post: Don’t Be a Bobblehead!!

12. T Recs

OK, maybe we jumped the gun on the HR-related blog with the coolest name. That award might belong to Mervyn Dinnen, who maintains a blog called T Recs. The blog provides a slew of fantastic information pertaining to everything from HR analytics to recruitment to emerging trends, so you’ll have no problem finding some gems.

Must-read post: 10 Emerging HR Trends

13. Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers

This blog doesn’t really need much of introduction — its title should cue you in on everything you need to know about what’s covered there. If you’re looking to learn about the future of HR, the importance of meditation, or well-being, head over to Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers.

Must-read post: Not All Who Wander Are Lost — Co-created Conversations On the Future of HR

14. The HR Capitalist

Curious about the monetary implications of HR? Look no further than The HR Capitalist, a comprehensive blog that covers everything from 401(k)s to economics to compensation and more. Follow it and you may very well become a financial guru yourself.

Must-read post: Great Realities of Management: It’s Not Your Fault, But It’s Your Problem

15. Change Effect

Sure, it can make the office a better place. But can HR really make the world a better place? The folks over at Change Effect seem to think so. Head over there to read keen insight on the modern state of HR.

Must-read post: Uber, Netflix, Facebook, and Google Teach Us Nothing

16. Women of HR

Looking for a feminine perspective on HR — and only a feminine perspective? If so, Women of HR has you covered. The site came together when a bunch of, you guessed it, women in HR came together and asked themselves why there wasn’t a one-stop shop for all things related to the future of business as the fairer sex envisions it. And lo, their blog was born.

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17. The Cynical Girl

Life isn’t always roses and rainbows. Good news for HR folks and job seekers: Laurie Ruettimann understands that perfectly, which is why she launched The Cynical Girl. (To be fair, the blog has since migrated over to her eponymous URL.) She’s been recognized by both CareerBuilder and CNN for the quality of the advice she offers.

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18. Inside My Head

Who doesn’t like stream of consciousness writing? Particularly when it’s about the lovely world of HR? Well, there are probably some people, but hopefully you’re not included in that category. Assuming that’s correct, head on over to Inside My Head, an HR-focused blog that’s maintained by Gareth Jones. He covers everything from gamification to the war for talent to the future of HR and everything in between.

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19. The HR Blog

It’s probably one of the most straightforward blog names on the internet, so chances are you already know what you’ll find when you head to The HR Blog. For the past four years, readers have flocked to the blog to find out how they can solve problems related to both their careers and their job searches.

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20. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

If you want a happier staff, it may be time to focus on doing all that is within your power to improve employee morale. An easy way to do that is to head over to the blog of Alexander Kjerulf, the Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc. It’s hosted on, so you know what you can expect to find there.

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Source: Top 20 HR Blogs to Follow