Guest Blogging – One of the Best Ways to Get Powerful Backlinks

As a blogger or business owner with a blog, getting exposure to online audiences is one of your top goals.

What can you do to ensure that you are being seen online?

My recent guest, Mark Samms of Ninja Outreach, points to guest posting as one of the best ways to get in front of more people.

Guest posting is also one of the top ways to obtain something we all want: those valuable backlinks.

What You Need to Know About Google, Guest Posts, and Backlinks

During our conversation, Mark said that guest blogging will help you get exposure to other people’s audiences and point them back to your website.

How does this mesh with what some people have been saying lately about guest posting – that it is, in essence, dead?

Mark pointed out that it’s important to recognize that piecing together a 500-word article and just trying to get as many links in that article as possible going out to different sites is not what he means.

A guest post that will offer you the exposure you need, as well as backlinks, is one that has a lot of reference points and citations. It is one that offers a lot of value to the reader.

Google actually picks up on the difference between these two types of blogs. The first, it won’t rank very well. The second – the blog that Mark terms “excellent” – will be recognized by Google as quality work and will rank higher.

Google algorithms look at references, citations, engagement, and how long a person stays on the page they’re reading. Based on this information, Google will determine which piece of content is quality and which is not.

It’s perfectly alright to link to some content on your website – like a service or informational page, or another blog post you’ve written. Just be sure to limit these types of links. Google will not look kindly on your post if you don’t include some high authority links.

And this is where backlinks come in.

When you put high quality content online, readers will start to view you as an authority. Other writers will link to your article in their content.

They’ll do this for a couple of reasons.

First, they do this because they want to offer their readers the very best. They want to be a source of valuable information and look for sources that provide the same level of value.

Second, they feel that linking to a high quality source like you will actually make their blog seem more credible, and rank higher in Google searches, too.

Guest Posting – One of the Best Ways to Be Seen Online

The great thing about guest posting is that it puts your excellent content in front of readers you might not have otherwise been able to attract.

And when you write high quality content, you’ll find that more people will start linking to your blogs. This is yet another way to boost your online rankings and be seen by more and more people.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely make it a part of your 2018 business plan.

Would you like to learn more about how to get better backlinks through guest blogging? Follow Mark on Facebook, or read the Ninja Outreach blogs for helpful tips.



10 Most Common Accounting Mistakes of Small Business

Many of us already know how time consuming and also expensive the errors are in accounting, if you make a mistake in the financial statement of your small business. You definitely need to stop making some common accounting errors to protect the small business of yours. Find an Local Accountant in UK, to do the accounting tasks of your small business for you.

Accounting error is very common but one should avoid any mistakes. There many things one can do to avoid this

Here are 10 common mistakes you should be avoiding:

  • Errors in Data Entry

All business transactions you record have to be complete and accurate. With erroneous information entries in account books, an inaccuracy of financial health becomes prominent. You will file government forms incorrectly which can lead to penalties.

  • Omission Errors

If you fail to enter a business transaction it will result in serious accounting mistakes. As you haven’t recorded some business expenses, it can lead to no tax reductions.

  • Too Much Time Spending on Tasks

Wasting too much time in an accounting process is not applicable as that time can be used to generate revenue. As you are small business owner you must focus on how to bring more money to your company.

  • Trashing Receipts

If you throw away any receipts, it destroys the proof of any transaction which might be required in some time. Receipts are required to show consistency in accounting books. To prepare for an audit, receipts are very important.

  • Mixing Business and Personal Funds

You must avoid using same accounts for both personal and business purposes. It can create mess your finances. Confusion of transactions will be big and it will be very difficult to handle.

  • Assuming Profits and Cash Flow as Same

When you are managing your finances you must treat the cash flow and profits differently. Though both cash flow and profit deal with the income and the expenses, measuring of money is different for them. Sometimes business owners confuse these two and think that they have more money than they actually do.

  • You Haven’t Reconciled Your Financial Books with the Bank Statements

Do not forget to make entries in your account book every time. You must double check your books to ensure their accuracy of data. When you fail to reconcile your finance books, it could lead towards such errors that might stay unnoticed for a longer period of time. It becomes harder to correct the mistakes if you leave them for long time. You can catch the mistakes earlier with bank statement reconcilation.

  • Failing to Go with the Budget

It is important to plan ahead of time but when it comes to running a business people often overlook that aspect. It is easier to plan your next move if you create a budget. Budget focuses on your goals. It helps to increase profits. With budget you get know where your money is coming from and also where it is going to. Adapting to change becomes easier for you if you make a budget.

  • Not Measuring The Progress

Never forget to notice the bigger picture of your business. You must know how you are doing in your business because otherwise you won’t be able to improve it. When you measure your business performances, you can spot both weak and strong points in your process.

  • Ignoring Signs of Needing Any Help

You must know when it is time for you to pass your accounting responsibilities to Accountants Services in UK. As your business grows you must delegate your tasks. You don’t earn money from accounting even if you invest time in accounting. Pass your bookkeeping responsibilities to an expert.


healthy food

Importance of Heart Healthy Habits in Life

As indicated by the American Heart Association, Heart illness remains the No. 1 worldwide reason for death with 17.3 million death every year. That number is relied upon to ascend to in excess of 23.6 million by 2030.

The Heart Foundation recommends that cardiovascular maladies guarantee a greater number of lives than all types of malignancy consolidated and coronary illness is the most widely recognized kind of coronary illness, executing almost 380,000 individuals yearly.

A large number of us are very much aware of these certainties about heart infections yet we do as such little for the soundness of our tickers, which continue working grudgingly for us in spite of being subjected to our disregard. Nurturing our tickers expects consideration regarding numerous parts of our life. By embracing the accompanying heart sound propensities, we can add a long time to live other than fighting off money related weight.

Heart-Healthy Lifestyle:

Exercise frequently – Our heart is a muscle that should be worked routinely to remain solid and sound. In spite of the fact that any measure of activity is superior to no activity, we should go for no less than 150 minutes of direct force oxygen-consuming physical action (e.g., energetic strolling) each week or 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) of incredible power high-impact physical movement (e.g., running, running) or a mix of both consistently.

Furthermore, we require muscle reinforcing exercises that work all significant muscle gatherings (legs, hips, back, mid-region, chest shoulders, and arms) on at least 2 days seven days.

Eat healthy – We should pick foods low in soaked fat, trans fat, and sodium. What’s more, healthy eating habits should include eating a lot of foods grown from the ground, fiber-rich entire grains, angle (ideally slick fish no less than two times every week), nuts, vegetables and seeds and have a go at eating a few dinners without meat. Further, one should confine sugar-sweetened refreshments and red meat. On the off chance that one eats meat, one should choose the most slender cuts accessible.

Stop smoking – Smoking is a noteworthy reason for a cardiovascular ailment (CVD). The danger of CVD increments with the number of cigarettes smoked every day and additionally the quantities of years they were smoked. Smoking cigarettes with lower levels of tar or nicotine do not decrease the hazard for cardiovascular infection.

Dodge second-hand smoke – People will probably create coronary illness if presented to second-hand smoke at home or work. As per the American Heart Association, presentation to tobacco smoke adds to around 34,000 untimely coronary illness passings and 7,300 lung tumor passings every year. This is on account of the synthetic compounds transmitted from tobacco smoke advance the improvement of plaque development in the supply routes.

Practice dental cleanliness – It has been discovered that microscopic organisms in the mouth, associated with the improvement of gum sickness, can move into the circulation system and cause a height in C-responsive protein, a marker for aggravation in the veins. These progressions may, thus, increment our danger of coronary illness and stroke.

Have general and satisfactory rest day by day – A 2011 European Heart Journal survey of 15 restorative investigations including very nearly 475,000 individuals found that short sleepers had a 48% expanded danger of creating or kicking the bucket from coronary illness (CHD) in a seven to 25-year follow-up period. Strangely, long sleepers, the individuals who found the middle value of at least nine hours per night, additionally demonstrated a 38% expanded danger of creating or biting the dust from CHD. The absence of rest doesn’t really cause coronary illness yet it truly expands the hazard factors for coronary illness.

Basic propensity evolving tips:

Substituting solid propensities for unfortunate ones prizes us with great wellbeing and better personal satisfaction. Still many think that it’s hard to consolidate healthy habits for a healthy life throughout their life as at some point or another they return to an undesirable way of life, along these lines losing all the valuable impacts they had. Like some other wellbeing propensity, heart solid propensities should be taken all through the life.

The accompanying tips will assist us with incorporating heart solid propensities throughout everyday life:

  • One needs to settle on a choice and do cognizant endeavors to adhere to the responsibility.
  • One needs to find triggers and snags that should be defeated else one will set oneself up for disappointment.
  • One should devise an arrangement and survey it every now and then.
  • One should utilize perceptions and assertions, identifying with propensities to be changed on the grounds that they program the intuitive with the correct mentality for building up another propensity.
  • By enrolling the help of family and companions, we can control away from the allurement that may ruin our endeavors.
  • One should discover approaches to remunerate oneself since they influence us to rest easy, regardless of whether it’s simply incidentally. They will help to keep us roused to remain on the track.
Highly Effective Tips for Business Success for Startups

Highly Effective Tips for Business Success for Startups

“Starting your own business is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows and every turn you take is another twist. The lows are really low, but the highs can be really high. You have to be strong, keep your stomach tight, and ride along with the roller coaster that you started.” – Lindsay Manseau, Photographer and Entrepreneur

According to Problemio, there are over 28 million small businesses in the U.S. However, the problem is almost 50% of startups fail during the first year. And the chances of reaching the end of the road only increase with each year on the market.

But why do so many companies face the risk of failure? The answer is not so simple although it all comes down to the issues entrepreneurs haven’t anticipated. So in order to get acquainted with corporate requirements and preventing possible business threats, we offer you a list of highly effective tips to help you secure the startup success and enhanced growth.

Know Your Goals

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail is because they didn’t research market demands. Before anything else, entrepreneurs need to be familiar with the industry, target audience, and competition. Who is your perfect customer? How are your products or services different from the rest? What is the ultimate business objective? And is the time for launching your business right?

Offer People a Deal They Can’t Refuse    

When first starting out, it’s important to offer quality. The business should be built around consumers because they are the backbone of every successful brand. Instead of focusing on sales, research what people need in the moment and then invest and promote deals customers will prefer.

Don’t be Afraid to Outsource     

Outsourcing has become the industry standard. Nowadays, those who wish to reduce costs, enhance customer experiences with the business, increase productivity and improve the quality of products and services in general, turn to outsourcing. Outsourcing back office operations, front office processes and marketing business processes are the main and highly rewarding options startups should definitely include in their business plan once the company begins to gain a broader awareness.

Keep a Close Eye on Cash Flow

The major liability that can ruin both a small business and a large enterprise is cash flow. As according to Nelson, a real estate business owner,  you need to have a clear idea of where the money goes and why. The business expenditure should be aligned with the main objectives while retaining a portion for unplanned situations. In other words, keep in touch with your accountant and have backup cash reserves as a safety cushion in case of shortfalls.   

Surround Yourself with a Motivated Team

The employee expertise is equally important as their motivation to complete tasks on time. Look at your staff as a well-oiled machine working towards a common goal which is, you guessed it, business successes. However, don’t forget that they are also people with hopes and dreams. Meaning you need to treat them with respect, include them in every step of the way, and provide opportunities for further occupational growth.

Share Your Success

It’s crucial to be transparent with your employees and customers. People feel more related and open to entrepreneurs who are not afraid to share their successes stories. Not only that transparency could help you raise productivity, but it can also build the necessary trust between a business and its audience. Plus, exchanging stories and listening to other ideas provides a chance to learn something new and to form loyal relationships along the way.

Leverage Technology into Your Advantage

Automation is the key to optimizing business processes. Digital technology and mighty software solutions can help to prevent human errors, enhance collaboration across departments, and better engage consumers. The good news is that you can take advantage of free online programs and affordable systems specifically designed to support SMBs. Just be sure you are picking the right tool for your business. Identify areas within your company that consume a lot of time and effort and use them as references.     

Learn to Move On

Taking care of every single thing and micromanaging projects can be stressful and damaging for the business. Some mistakes are bound to happen but if you want to overcome bumps on the road, learn to move on and trust your team to efficiently complete tasks. To put it simply, learn from mistakes but don’t fixate on problems.

Meet Your Investors

The majority of startups require investments to kick the business off. If you can relate, it’s recommended to find out what investors prefer and where can you find them. Doing online research is a good start, but still, work your way up in the entrepreneurial community and get involved on social media platforms. But before you contact investors, try finding or getting in touch with your mentors. They can tell you if your idea needs some touch-ups and prep you with the essentials investors expect to get from thriving entrepreneurs.  


Final Thoughts

“What I learned from Rockefeller that’s off-the-hook important is: You need to know exactly where you stand in a business at all times. Measure everything, because everything that is measured and watched improves.” – Bob Parson, GoDaddy Founder

All you need to succeed is a strategic head and a passionate heart. You need to be aware of everything that’s going on with your business at every moment. However, that doesn’t mean you should be too controlling and focused on every single detail.

Also, once the company experience successes, try not to become greedy. Remember, if you build your business on knowledge, respect, and a well-designed strategy, you will diminish the risk of becoming just one of the businesses who couldn’t keep up with evolving market requirements. Good luck!

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Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is considered to be great when it comes to fitness.  As a matter of fact, it has several benefits which include improving the cardiovascular system.  There are several people who prefer mountain biking over the other sports. It has the capability to keep you mentally, physically, and socially fit. Check out the benefit of mountain biking.  

It is Good for Relationships and is Fun

Mountain biking is considered to be the perfect family activity with trailers and child seats that allow you to bring your family with you virtually.  Moreover, it is also considered to be good for the couples, too. This is something that couples will be able to do together.

Mountain Biking Develops Leg Strength

If you use best full suspension mountain bikes under 500 for the ride, it is going to tone your quad, glut, and calf muscles. Furthermore, it will also strengthen your tendons. For this, you will not even have to bear any load.  It is much better than working out on the stationery bike that you find in the gym.

Increases Fat Burning

Your fat burns when the heart rate is around 65% to 75% of your maximum.  You will be able to measure the heart rate with the help of the heart rate monitor so that you can train at the optimum level for fat burning.

Works the Cardiovascular System

You lungs and heart make up the cardiovascular system. Thus, the fitter you become, the more efficiently it is going to work.  This means there will be better blood flow throughout the body. Moreover, this will increase the oxygenation. Your fitness level will depend on how the process is being done. Simply by increasing the training on bike over, you will be able to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. This, in turn, will improve your fitness level.

No Load Bearing Reduces Risk of Injury

Another great advantage of mountain biking is that it is non-load bearing.  This means that your body is not being supported during the training as it is when you are running.  The action of sitting means some amount of pressure is being taken off the joints. This means there is lesser chance of injury. There are many people who return to training after being injured and they use bike as  a way to regain their fitness, they it will gradually increase the fitness level without even putting pressure on the prospective suspect tendon or joint.

According to Topreviewzone, you can take your bikes for holiday. This way you will be able to cover more ground than you could have on foot. Many families are choosing mountain biking as an excellent way to get to know the area and also have fun together.

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How Proficient Real Estate Photography Can Influence a Leaning to Emerge From the Group

Most home buyers today start their search on Google, sometimes months before even serious looking really starts. People want to get an idea of what options they have out there. This is one of your first opportunities to snack some interest.

Over 90% of new home buyers say that they first found the house they ended up purchasing was found online. Even before a broker search. In a lot of cases, the quality of your home photos is the deciding factor for a buyer on whether to search deeper. On listings with only one photo or even none, most buyers won’t even click on it for more. Keep these things in mind before you start your photoshoot.

Think Like a Buyer

Ask yourself what type of photos you would want to see in a home listing. Then create that type of listing. No one knows your house better than you. You know where all the great natural shots are, attractive angles and great lighting and that’s your advantage. Take the pictures that feature all the great features of your house. Take shots of every space including closets and bathrooms. Take at least two pictures from every room from opposite angles. Try to include one feature or peice of furniture in both to pictures to set a visual reference for each room. The more eye catching information you can provide to a buyer, the more complete their vision is of your home. Outdoor shots should not be limited to a full face shot of your home. Once again take overlapping shots to give buyers a vista of the property, gardens and driveway.

Shoot During the Ideal Time of the Day

Lighting is everything. You want to have clear bright photos without any glare or overexposure that can make the pictures unappealing. As the homeowner, you know the perfect time of day for each room in your house. Depending on the time of day and which direction each room faces in a home, there is an ideal time where each space looks their best. That’s when you’ll be able to catch the most appealing photos. Choose times early in the morning for rooms that get a lot of light. The photos will be clearer with the softer sunlight. Outdoor photos are best taken when the sun is behind you. It’s up to you what time of day is best for your homes property. Mid morning and early evening photos are a good idea so there is still quality light available and you can avoid large areas of shadow.

Clean Up & Staging

Not too many people want guests to see their house looking like a disaster. We almost always clean up before family or friends come over. Think of this part of your photoshoot preparation in the same way as you would if you were hosting a party. You want your home to look clean and attractive to buyers, so run the vacuum and dust the shelves. Your pictures will look great. It’s even a good idea to post some tasteful seasonal photos to show buyers your home decorated. When shooting your dining room/area think about setting the table. It doesn’t have to be fancy, casual is perfect. You want to stage your pictures with your homes best features in mind. Showcase a fireplace, patio or cool design feature to peak the buyers interest. No one wants to look at a messy kitchen,  a bunch of toys on the lawn or a laundry basket overflowing in a bedroom. Tidy up and your pictures will look much more professional.

Hire a Professional

It doesn’t matter what kinds of fancy cameras are out there, there’s just some folks who have no talent with a camera. If that’s you, think about hiring a professional home photographer to help you out. Hire a freelancer and walk them through what kinds of shots you are looking for. It’s a reasonable cost for the quality you will get, and you can guarantee that your online listing will look great and attract more attention.

3 Reasons Why We Don’t See More Women in the IT Industry

We have come a long way from the days when women were only secretaries and cigarette girls. Even though things have now improved greatly, women still do not have equal rights in the workplace. They do not receive equal pay, they are still subject to harassment and discrimination and they do not receive equal treatment.

Being a woman in a tech industry is tough; there are dozens of studies and stories that can demonstrate this. The environment needs to change even more, but this is not the sole reason why we do not see more women in the IT industry.

According to BestBabyStrollers, Women are underrepresented in the tech sector, and besides from being underpaid, they are in many cases passed for promotions and faced with sexism. Perhaps this is why more women are drawn to freelancing, because they do not fit well in a corporate world that is dominated by men and freelancing offers them an escape from that thankless grind.

Many companies are now outsourcing tasks and perhaps this is where women can receive equal rights when it comes to landing a job. But, why does this gender parity even exist? What are the reasons why we do not see more women in the IT industry?

Teasing In School

This represents a big issue. Even when they are in high school, classmates and teachers in some cases stereotype girls who are interested in math and advanced physics. Eileen Pollack conducted research for her article in the New York Times magazine, and while she spoke to the physics undergrad in Yale, she heard stories of discrimination.

One young girl was concerned to find out that she was one of only three girls in her physics course in High School, and it was only worse when the other two girls dropped out, so she was the only girl in her class. Her classmates have teased her on a regular basis, saying that she is a girl, and girls cannot do physics. Perhaps the worst part was that she expected from her teacher to put an end to this, but he simply did not.

Lack of Encouragement

This is another reason why women do not feel comfortable choosing jobs in the IT sector and this also leads from their early years of schooling. Women often do not receive encouragement from their professors to pursue a career dominated by men, even in cases where they graduate at the top of their class.

Media Stereotypes

This plays a big role in discouraging young female adults from pursuing STEM related subjects. Let’s take the female characters in the series The Big Bang Theory just as an example. A female scientist in the show is forced into a “weirdo” role, where the non-scientist female is the only “normal” female character, and there is other research that shows that, when females are closely exposed to “nerdy-white guy” stereotypes, they feel discouraged in pursuing careers that can place them in those stereotypes.

The lack of women in the IT industry translates into the workforce and in many tech companies males are an overwhelming majority. This only leads to women feeling like they do not belong and according to one survey, 73 percent of workers in the tech industry believe that the whole tech industry is sexist. Since more and more women are leaving the industry, it is difficult to have female role models that are on the top and it only adds to the image of a male-dominated tech world and the cycle of female encouragement.

Besides role models and sexism, the IT industry also makes it difficult to combine motherhood with the career in tech and one study reported that 85 percent of 716 women participating in the study, left the IT industry because of the maternity leave policy. This is why now is the right time to focus on the next generation of tech talent, and to make sure that the gender equality exists for the sake of everyone.

This means that there needs to be more flexible working arrangements, more women in leading roles and more encouragement for young female adults to pursue whatever they are interested in.

Bankruptcy and Tax Refund- How to Save Money

Bankruptcy and Tax Refund? How to Save Money

It comes every tax season; you probably anticipate a big tax refund check. This refund is like a reward that you can use in different ways.

However, if you’re facing serious financial difficulties and don’t have great accounting in place, filing for bankruptcy may be a viable option.

Did you know that tax refund is the most valuable asset that trustees can take from you?

Exemption Laws never protect tax refund during bankruptcy. Trustees will chase after your tax refund because that cash can be used to pay creditors with minimal effort.

They no longer need to list your property for sale and distribute the sales proceeds to your creditors. This is the primary reason a trustee will first try to find out if you have a tax refund.

The tax refund is part of the bankruptcy estate

Once you file a bankruptcy, all the assets that you own will become part of the bankruptcy estate. The tax refund is part of those assets.

A bankruptcy trustee is designated to represent your creditors, collect, and liquidate your assets to repay your creditors. In most chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, there are less cash or assets to pay your creditors.

However, if you already owe a huge tax refund amount, it will become an easy target for whoever is appointed as a trustee But, with little planning and understanding a few tips, you can succeed in keeping most, if not all, of the tax refund amount.

Exception to that general rule: Earned income credit

Did you know that you can benefit from a few exceptions to the rule that a trustee is entitled to all tax refunds not spend or received before bankruptcy filing?

For instance, in Colorado, any tax refund associated with additional child tax credit and earned income credit is untouchable. The rest of the tax refund is subject to turnover.

You intend to keep your refund? Spend it

The perfect way of ensuring that you don’t lose your tax refund is by filing tax refund at the right time.

Once you receive your tax refund, spend all of it before you file for bankruptcy. Your attorney will advise you to keep a good record of how your tax refund was spent.

You can use this amount to meet a variety of expenses. These include most of your usual household expenses such as;

  • Mortgage payments
  • Food
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • HOA dues
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Car loan repayment
  • Educational expenses
  • Insurance
  • Clothing
  • Car repairs and maintenance

It’s wise to have minimal or no tax refund money in your bank accounts on the day you intend to file for bankruptcy.

Besides, you might be eligible to save a certain fraction of your tax refund amount using your retirement account. However, you need guidance from a qualified tax or bankruptcy attorney.

Avoid spending your tax refund money on luxury goods, pay off a credit card debt, repay a family member or a friend, or any other unsecured debt.

This might trigger an objection from the trustee. If the objection is accepted, you will be required to turn over your tax refund regardless of whether you spend the entire amount or not.

In case you don’t receive your tax refund early enough, the trustee will be entitled to the entire tax refund amount when you get it.

When you receive the tax refund while in bankruptcy…

You’re likely to have very little tax refund amount remaining by the time you file for bankruptcy.

Remember, tax refunds that you receive for wages earned before filing for bankruptcy are treated as part of the bankruptcy estate. These refunds are subject to liquidation if there are no exemptions.

Fortunately, it’s the attorney’s responsibility to sit down with you before filing for bankruptcy, discuss all the available assets, and create a plan that can maximize the exemption laws to your benefit.

Experts like Ric Dean, CEO at Caffeinated, assert that you should consult professionals and make well-calculated moves to avoid costly mistakes during the bankruptcy.

For instance, you can use the IRS’ withholding calculator to know the amount of deductions you should claim.

Note that if you opt to file for bankruptcy between August and December, the trustee will definitely request a copy of the previous year tax refund as soon as you file your tax returns.

If he realizes that you will receive a tax refund, he or she will request for a certain portion of the refund to repay your creditors.

To avoid this tax refund loss, it’s wise to file for bankruptcy by making all the necessary adjustments on your payroll. This will allow you to keep money in every paycheck and avoid handing over the entire tax refund amount to the trustee.

Haven’t you received your tax refund? Don’t worry

If you had a huge tax amount the previous year, it’s advisable to look for your W-4 and make the right exemptions adjustment.

This will ensure that only the necessary taxes are withheld from your pay. Since filing for bankruptcy before you receive your tax refund means you don’t want it, it’s wise to keep the amount of tax refund minimal.

Instead of transferring all your tax refund amount to the trustee, wouldn’t you desire to have a little money coming to your paycheck monthly?

It’s a wise idea, isn’t it?

Consult your lawyer and find a legal way of achieving this objective.

Hire a lawyer to avoid mistakes

During bankruptcy, asset exemption and protection are complex subjects. A simple mistake can result in loss of your entire tax refund amount.

As said earlier, every step you make before or after filing for bankruptcy will impact the possibility of retaining your tax refund.

Why not hire a professional who can offer the right guidance on what should be done?


Bankruptcy isn’t an easy road to freedom from financial challenges. However, with the right guidance, you can have minimal tax refund before you file for bankruptcy. You can also wait until you receive the refund. Otherwise, a larger portion of your tax refund will be used to repay your creditors.

Good Accounting: The Base for Any Growing Business

Imposed by internet “experts”, the “get rich” business model trend puts all of its focus on planning, branding, and marketing. Though crucial for any growing organization, these strategies are only as profitable as they are built upon sturdy financial support. Though being the only practice that effectively manages your budget, accounting is greatly overlooked by new-fangled business advisors. Its importance, however, is just as paramount as ever.

In fact, flawless bookkeeping is the most solid foundation an aspiring business can procure. Without it, any kind of ROI, progress, or growth would be impossible. Here’s why.

  • Staying on Top of Your Expenses

Running a business is never an easy feat, nor an inexpensive one. Particularly for those entering the market, the costs of launching a startup and running a small company can be overwhelming. However insignificant it may seem in the greater scale of things, even a single pen comes with a price that needs to be included in the overall calculation and run through the books. You might never lose sight of large expenses, but if not properly managed, pennyworths may widen the gap between how much your business spends and how much it earns.

  • Managing Cash Flow

Most commonly, these financial nuances are what makes or breaks a business. For no other reason but profitability, an ambitious entrepreneur has to be aware of every coin that comes in or goes out of the company. If well-situated, small business runners can choose to button up their numbers and keep their books on their own or outsource this sensitive task to an accounting firm. The choice is entirely yours, but it is the one you’ll have to make. Without accurate and transparent books, cash flow management is not possible, and without proper cash flow management, no business can move forward.

  • Evaluating Performance

Speaking of moving forward, accounting is essential for a reason or two more. Staying on top of your books means being aware of everything that happens under your leadership, which enables you to gauge the effectiveness of your current workflow and predict future performance with greater certainty. When clean, financial books will tell you exactly where you stand and in which direction you can go from there. After all, acquiring that kind of insight is what being business-savvy is all about.

  • Planning Ahead

Despite being overly superficial most of the time, the so-called internet experts are right about one thing: a business decision is only as good as it is data-based. Filled with numbers, your books are the ultimate source of financial information, and they should be leveraged as invaluable intelligence bases. With one glance, you’ll know everything about your future options, and be able to set projections, adjust goals and plan strategically.

  • Investing and Growing

If aspiring from a small-sized to a fully-grown business, the investment is the one word you should never use lightly. Every decision you make along the way, every marketing campaign you start, and every project you plan on developing will leave a noticeable trace on your budget. Before choosing to improve by investing in a new business venture, you need to know if is such an investment even possible and whether or not it will be profitable in the long run. Calculations of this magnitude cannot be done without good accounting.

Ultimately, successful businesses know no difference between small expenses and costly investments, and both are impossible to keep track of without an effective bookkeeping system. Whether it comes to applying for loans and filing for tax returns, hiring new people and expanding to new markets, or simply purchasing office supplies and throwing office parties, good accounting is what makes a small business opportunistic and eligible for further growth.

5 Tips While Transitioning from Being an Employee to an Entrepreneur

Deciding to leave your day job and become your own boss is a huge step in your life, which is why you need to take it with utmost care. It’s a huge leap of faith but, if you do it properly, it can be rewarding and completely turn your life around.

However, merely thinking about following your dreams and actually starting your own company are two very different things. It’s not without its share of risks, and it can be very challenging but, if you’re sure that you are ready to do it, the first step you need to take is to forget about the fear of uncertainty and embrace the opportunity for success.

Fear can hold you down, so you need to believe in yourself and your vision, and fully embrace the change. However, switching from an employee to an entrepreneur still requires much more than that, so take a look at the most vital tips that will make your transition smoother and improve your chances for success.

Make a Plan before Quitting Your Job

Before you bid your boss and co-workers farewell, you should make a detailed plan for your new business venture. It takes time for start-ups to properly get off the ground, so planning everything at least several months before you go and quit your job is something that you should not underestimate.

You may have a clear vision of your future company and have it all figured out, but planning every single step that you are going to take in great detail will help you know exactly what you should do to start a successful company.

You need to set clear directions for your start-up and make a business plan that will include your company’s structure, objectives, vision and goals, your target market’s needs, your ideal customers, your unique value proposition, your marketing plan, financing, budget, and everything else that you and your team will do on a daily basis.

Connect with Other People in Your Niche

Building relationships with other people in your niche before you launch your start-up is extremely important because they could potentially become your clients, investors and even partners. They can provide you with expert advice and help you realize your vision.

Go to conferences, local meetups, and seminars where you can connect with thought and industry leaders, and don’t forget about online networks and forums, as they can also provide you with outstanding opportunities to interact with professionals who will support you once you launch your business.

If you have a good relationship with your boss and feel like you can share your plan with them, you can ask them for advice. You never know – maybe you end up collaborating in the future, so don’t burn any bridges when you decide to leave your job.

Get the Funds You Need

Financing your business is one of the most important steps to take, so make sure you get the funds you need well in advance. If you don’t have enough savings to fund your business on your own, there are many ways to finance your business, such as crowdfunding or getting a bank loan, for instance.

Whatever you choose, make sure you take into account the salaries, marketing expenses, equipment purchases, and all the other expenses that your budget will need to cover.

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Start Small

Before leaving your job, you can start your company on a small scale, so that you can test everything and see whether or not your ideas are actually realizing the way you want them to. This is an excellent opportunity to get customer feedback and make proper adjustments before you scale up.

Think about Outsourcing

Is outsourcing ideal for start-ups? The answer is definitely yes because it is very cost-effective and can bring you many benefits. However, you need to know which processes to outsource for the best outcomes. For instance, you can stick to outsourcing marketing and payroll functions when you’re just starting out, and work out outsourcing other business processes as you grow.

These are the most important steps to take when you decide to take the plunge and transition from an employee to an entrepreneur, but remember that the transition is much more complex and requires plenty more steps and challenges. Regardless, if you do everything right, it will be exceptionally rewarding, as you will do something that you love, and nothing is more important than that.