How to build an Effective Employee Brand Ambassador Program

employee brand ambassador

All companies want effective brand ambassadors. They are constantly searching for individuals who will help them in getting a positive image for the company.

Brand ambassadors help to glorify the image of the brand and also reach out to the majority of consumers out there. They make new consumers aware about the brand and also successfully retain old ones also.

Employees should also be encouraged to spread the word about your company as they are the ones most closely associated with your brand. When employees start talking and chatting about your company on social media, they will share a perspective native to humans which people tend to gravitate to naturally. They will share vital information about your company and the brand which you operate.

Employee brand ambassador programs are a successful part of a marketing technique. You should be able to identify the correct employees who are actively taking part in the interest of your company. You should also be able to do some ground work beforehand. Gather information about employees who are natural sincere leaders and who are being an asset to the company. Read on to find out more about how you can successfully create and implement an employee brand ambassador program.

Assigning and choosing the right leaders

You should at first nominate a captain from the work force. A captain would be someone who will be willing to take the reins of the program in his/her own hands. This pHR Analytics is one of the main HR and Recruiting trends in 2017. However, it is also a very complex topic and I got the impression that most people do not really know what it is about and why it got so important. It’s high time to speak to an expert in this field.erson would be someone who can effortlessly guide other people who are already familiar with the ropes. The leader will provide a common aspect and vision. He/she will also coach and train employees and oversee all online content before they get posted. The ideal or prospective leaders of your organisation can also be identified with the help of a leadership assessment.

Communicating your vision

The second is to implement the vision your company upholds to everyone. Your employees should be able to communicate with one another over social media about new practices and techniques. Then only will employees feel empowered and secure. Proper communication among employees, employers and captains will lead to greater results.

Feel free to share your expectations with them

You should properly communicate with your employees about what you want and how you want it. Nothing can be successful without proper guidelines. You should make your employees under the program follow a certain set of rules. Following a proper method and structure will help you in progressing with the program. The more strictly they will follow; the better will be the output. Sit with your captain and draw out a proper blueprint of all the activities you want done.

You should keep materials and resources readily available

Your social media should have all the collected ideas, posts, photos, videos, articles and other contents which your employees can use in their posts. You should properly manage all social media content and ensure that your employees receive the information fast. Also make it known to all your employees that they can feel free to share and make use of any information they might like. Proper use of your company’s content will result in communicating and reaching out to a wide member of the audience.


5 Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Social Recruiting Process

Social Recruiting

Nowadays, social media recruitment is a well-known practice and most organizations are using it as a hiring tool during their recruitment process. Such companies use the online platform or social media to screen candidates and thus shortlist a select few to be interviewed physically. Social media allows these recruiting companies the option to advertise and market their jobs and also give the potential candidates access to such jobs 24 hours a day. However, most firms find it hard to get the right candidates using social media due to some mistakes they make in the selection process. Avoiding such mistakes gives you the opportunity to choose the right candidate easily.

Here are the 5 mistakes you may be making in your social recruiting process which you can do well to avoid:

  1. Failing to Plan and To Describe Your Scope Properly

This is a common mistake committed by most online recruiters. It is important to plan your recruitment process well and have your company description properly displayed. There are many social media sites and you need only the best candidates.

If you just post the job advert without properly describing it, most candidates may not even bother seeing it. Ensure that you plan well on social media sites to use and employ some strategies to make the advert reach as many people as possible. For instance, you can sponsor your advert and set your preferred target candidates.

  1. Not Defining Your Target Audience 

This is a mistake that most hiring firms do when posting jobs on social media. You have to describe your job and state clearly the target audience including the academic qualification, age and the required experience. This gives you a chance to eliminate unnecessary applicants and you will have a chance to choose from the candidates you want. This makes your selection process easier instead of having many applicants that are not qualified.

  1. Limiting Yourself to A Few Social Media Sites

This is another common mistake you should avoid. Researches have revealed that most of the employers only use the common sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. There are many sites where you can reach all your potential candidates easily. It is a fact that not all candidates are on one site and this explains why you should make use of as many sites as possible. This increases your chances of choosing the right candidate suitable for your job description.

  1. Use of Lengthy Application Process

Most applicants do not complete lengthy application processes. Most firms hiring online lose qualified candidates due to such processes. It is advisable that you make your online application and hiring process simple, short but thorough. This gives many qualified applicants a chance to complete their process and thus you get the best candidate.

  1. Failure to Display the Benefits of Joining Your Company

Most firms do not clearly display the benefits of joining their company. As an employer of choice, you need to convince them that they will not only grow financially but also professionally. This encourages many qualified candidates to apply and you will choose from the best candidates. These benefits can very easily be conveyed via social media though failing to do so can be a mistake.

These are some of the mistakes most recruiters commit while using social media for their hiring initiatives.

While you make sure you avoid these 5 mistakes, you can go a step further to refine your recruitment process by making use of online skill assessments to hire the absolutely right fit for your organisation.

Are there any such errors in social recruiting that you may like to share with us? Reply in the comments box and we will be happy to learn from your experience.