Top Reasons To Use Heatmaps During Your Marketing Campaign

You’ve probably wondered how you could increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This is already a key factor in the life of websites these days, as it is very important to stand out from your competitors due to the constant competition.

There are plenty of platforms and opportunities in the life of online businesses that can be useful in the field of marketing. However, this is not easy.

Here’s how you can create the best marketing campaigns with a modern data visualization tool.

About heatmaps

Heatmaps are an analytical tool that uses high-quality data as its foundation. It’s mostly used to determine the most effective aspects of your website and how users interact with it.

Warm colors are used to represent the sections of your website that are effective, while cool colors are used to show the parts that are less effective. It can be used to determine which products, colors, and CTAs work best in your online store.

In addition, this method is perfect for examining the behavior of your visitors on your website and the source they come from. With this information in mind, you will be able to identify the central object and the individual elements of your marketing campaign.

In addition, these data visualization tools can help you determine on which platforms you should increase your marketing activity.

Depending on your goal and what you want to measure, you have a variety of tools at your disposal:

  • Scroll heatmaps
  • Click heatmaps
  • Segment heatmaps
  • Mouse tracking heatmaps

Each tool will give you different information that you can use in each of your marketing campaigns. Let’s see one by one.

Scroll heatmaps

These tools primarily provide answers to how long users scroll through your website. Surely the question arises in you, why would this be relevant to marketing?

Just think about it. Who said that your marketing campaigns can only run outside of your website? The ads and special offers on your page are just as important as a social media campaign, for example.

This is when scroll heatmap analysis comes into play.

You can use it to indicate your products, services, or potentially relevant information in an area where your users will undoubtedly read.

For example, if you want to place a banner ad on your website or a pop-up window to ask your visitor to sign up for your newsletter. With the help of this tool, you can perfectly determine the most suitable place for these marketing tools.

Scroll heatmaps are frequently used to examine the blog interface since it allows you to insert links to your products or other relevant links in the most appropriate location. Sounds good right?

Click heatmaps

We often call these tools the traditional heatmap. Based on clicks, it determines which parts of your website are effective and which are not.

It can be used to determine which subpages your users use the most, as well as which buttons, CTAs, and colors performed best on your site.

This tool is critical for the creation of an efficient marketing campaign. With click heatmaps, you can place the most effective CTA text in your marketing campaign, which will increase the chances of more traffic coming to your website.

It also helps a lot in the creative part of campaign planning. During the analysis, you can find out which colors, buttons, and motifs were the ones that were popular on your website.

Keep in mind that some of your target audience is already present on your website. So, this information is completely true for your target audience.

We recommend that you make sure you display the elements, colors, or motifs that click heatmaps consider effective. This can greatly increase the success of your marketing campaign.

Segment heatmaps

One of the most significant tools in developing a successful marketing strategy. It illustrates how visitors from various sources utilize your website and highlights the source of your traffic.

Each source’s visitors are labeled with a different color to make it easier to compare their activity. Sounds good right?

With the help of segment heatmaps, it will be completely clear to you which resources are the ones that contribute the most to the success of your website. You have two options here:

  • Increase marketing activity on sources that generate less traffic
  • Increase marketing activity on sources that are already performing well

However, both options can work, both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you increase your marketing activity on poorer-performing platforms, activity may decrease on better-performing platforms indicated by the tool. 

If you increase your marketing activity on the high-performing surfaces further, then the worse-performing ones will not increase and in the end, these resources may not generate traffic at all.

We recommend that you always invest fewer resources in resources that segment heatmaps have rated as less performing. This will allow you to create a balance in your traffic.

In addition, segment heatmaps provide guidance in your business. If you see that a large percentage of your visitors come from search engines, you have to place PPC ads. If social media has generated the most traffic, then you have to create social media videos, posts, or ads.

You wouldn’t have thought that heatmaps would help you so much, would you?

Mouse tracking heatmaps

These tools are still relatively new among data visualization methods. They actually include a combination of two tools, the functions of session replays and heatmaps.

Session replays are a kind of replay on your website. Imagine that you started the screen recording on each user’s computer. 

It allows you to see what they are clicking, how they are moving the mouse, what they are reading, how they are behaving. It can be very interesting.

This feature has been combined with the main function of heatmaps, so to show which areas perform well and which perform worse.

The importance of session replay functions is unquestionable when it comes to a marketing campaign. 

You can use it to find out which subpages you may have to advertise or which of your products are worth displaying in your ad. So, mouse tracking heatmaps can be a huge help in creative campaign planning too.


As you can see, website analysis contribute greatly to the success of your marketing campaign and, with it, to the effectiveness of your webshop.

We recommend that you use the aforementioned tools in combination, so you can get more complex data and you can save time. In addition, of course, you can use other analysis methods, such as A/B tests, to get an even more accurate picture of your current situation.

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