What Is Transcreation And How It Can Help Your Business?

If your official roles happen to be closely intertwined with advertising or marketing, you must have carried out an activity popularly known as transcreation. Transcreation could also be referred to as cross-market copywriting, marketing translation, international copy adaptation, cultural adaptation, freestyle translation etc.  

The translation is somewhat the parent from which transcreation evolved. This is because translation encompasses conveying the same original message in its most accurate form without additions. Translation converts the language to a form in which a specific audience would better understand the message.

Transcreation or Creative translation, on the other hand, goes beyond transposing words. It entails adding an artistic tone, imagery, color, and a hint of prevalent culture to the original message in a bid to foster commerce. When done correctly it brings about a calculated geometric increase in marketing outcomes.

Translation recreates the source text by adapting and localizing it with the target audience in view. The touch of culture it brings with it appeals to the audience’s emotions guarantees a better economic return. This is one of the reasons why businesses cannot do without transcreation;  it is one of the most efficient and cost-friendly routes to growth and expansion.

The Need for Transcreation

Since we now live in a global village where distance does not have to limit the popularity of quality products, most ambitious manufacturers seek to take advantage of this opportunity to maximize profit.  And this is where transcreation becomes indispensable. Creative translation transcends the barriers of language and culture while delivering an outstanding product to the international market.

How should you measure the success of transcreation?

To be successful in your transcreation, you can consider seeking help from a translation services company. After employing the transcreation services, you can know that the process was successful when the transcreated message brings about a reaction of product acceptance in the new audience similar to that observed among the old audience.

Features peculiar to transcreation

Context and content

Translation focuses on the language the text is written in and not necessarily the message in the language—Transcreation majors on the message being conveyed. Thus, transcreation is professionals who understand the language and culture prevalent in the new locality.


It is better not to employ transcreation if the product has a debatable reputation because a lot of money and time will be utilized during transcreation. You would have to employ a creative writer and pay for his research, so transcreation is characterized by cost.

Metrics improvement

Transcreation will improve your online and offline presence, grow your customer base and invariably elevate your profit stakes.

Content transformation

Transcreation does not entirely change the text but changes its message in a way that is tailored to suit the audience in a specific location.

A target audience

Transcreation is not done merely for fun. It is done with the intent of reaching a special group of individuals so they can understand your point and do as you wish.  Transcreation would be judged as failed if, for any reason, the target population misunderstood the message. 

How transcreation can help your business

In Emotional marketing, the goal is to arouse empathy or curiosity in the listeners’ minds and cause them to respond positively to the product. So, here are some of the ways transcreation helps your business;

1. Increases product awareness

Suppose you succeed in getting your product into ten different international languages that would mean that other than your local country, you are making sales in 10 different nations. Your product is likely to be more popular than many others, which also provide the same utility.

2. Creates product acceptance

Through its element of culture, transcreation forces acceptance for the product; it causes your product to be seen in a positive light. This is because when the target population feels identified with them they would be more motivated to purchase the product that has been identified with them.

3. Better Brand image

Marketing is primarily about brand image. If you aspire to be number one in your country and the international level, you must build and sustain a proper brand image. The truth remains that a subtle battle for superiority between the manufacturers of  two similar products would always exist. Competition for the position of favorites in the minds of the buyers is a must, and transcreation can give you the advantage in this war.

4. Sales increase

Marketing aims to increase sales, and as such, concepts like transcreation are key in this arena. Because the overall essence of Creative translation is to increase sales through its many creative and cultural components. With the help of transcreation, you have a better chance at increasing acceptance and persuading your target audience to buy your products, thus increasing your sales and profit.

5. Creates cultural awareness

In some languages, a word or color could mean different things, which might affect sales negatively or positively. For example, if a product is to reach the emotions of the Americans, advertising it on a white background would do more good as white signifies purity with these people groups.

While to the Chinese, white signifies mourning and shouldn’t be used for the same product. Red which signifies celebration, should be used to extract a similar feeling of acceptance with this group. An understanding of these intricacies due to transcreation would be of great help in attaining success.


Attaining and maintaining a global presence is the dream of many business owners, but language and culture have often proven to be a barrier. Hence, the need for one variable that could synergize and minimize the differences. So for every business person that wants to grow his corporation, transcreation should not be left out of the equation.

However, caution should be exercised when employing transcreation in the advertisement of any product because poor transcreation can damage a business in unthinkable ways. Endeavor to engage a professional who understands your message, audience, and the culture your audience values. You would not want to be the undoing of your brand name due to cultural insensitivity.

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