Stylish Neck Designs For Kurtis To Try Out In 2019!

From comfort to popularity, uniqueness to beauty, exclusive kurtis can completely change your whole look and can give you the exceptional charm that no one has ever witnessed before. It is a common saying that a girl looks much prettier in traditional attire than what she does in western one, and surely this fact can’t be denied any day. Wearing a kurti can make you extremely attractive and natural without any makeup or added on glow. They can be simply paired up with numerous bottom sets like leggings, Patiala, jeans etc, due to which kurtis truly turn out as a versatile piece of clothing.

But what do you prefer when it comes to neck designs? Of course, we couldn’t experiment much with the size or pattern; however you can simply change a traditional kurti into a stylish one through attractive and experimental neck designs. To make your impact, it is really important to create your own dressing style, this might take some time initially, but as soon as you get acquainted with various suits designs, patterns and different necks that suit them, it wouldn’t take you less than a minute to change your look and become extremely elegant yet stylish.

Still confused about how to style your kurti necks? Well, don’t worry as our incredible neck patterns will definitely make you go weak on your knees!

Get the trendy appeal with these stunning neck patterns


  • Keyhole neck design with added details


This is again a phenomenon which has been in fashion right since trendy kurtis came up, but they certainly have a charm that you can carry along all day long! They are truly perfect for regular use, or even for occasions, all that changes the look is pretty tassels, flairs or type of cloth being used to design the kurtis. You can get a high neck design that features a cut slit oversized keyhole, up next you should add a button with embellishments on the top of the keyhole or drop shape that can fill up the vacant space with glam. There is always room for experimentation and detailing with such a nice kurti neck design.



  • Standing collar with buttons in a row


standing collar has been in fashion from a recognizable period of time, but apparently you might have not experimented with the same much. To make your kurtis extremely attractive, you can always go for standing collar patterns and can align lots of buttons that match with the print in the mid of your kurti attaching the collar. With rich cloth material such as brocade or shimmery printed cotton, such designs work out to be the best. It also eliminates the need of wearing any neck jewelry as the hard work done on collar takes away all the charm and leaves no space for flaw.


  • Round neck design with side ties


tie up kurtis can be really attractive and above all comfortable to wear. A lot of women, who question about the fitting and can’t get the kurti fixed right at every part, should definitely try out these as they neither obstruct your hair style, nor create any complication while being worn. Featuring a scoop round neckline, it carries a stylish tie up either at one side or on both the sides. You are free to decorate the ties with latkans or anything else that matches up with the kurti and material. The benefit of having these tie ups at one side is that, you ca simply carry a dupatta on the other shoulder. However, you simply don’t like carrying one; just get the tie ups designed on both the ends of the round neck cut.


  • Side flap open and close with a button


this is another kurti style that can simply give you two looks in one! It brings an open flap that is inspired through collar neckline and keeps you clearly away from those old round or square necklines. It is pretty much asymmetrical; however it can be easily changed to a symmetrical one by just closing the button. It goes really well with both traditional and Indian bottoms and all you have to do is just open the button and flaunt the flap for a chic look, or close it up for a much subtle and traditional appeal wherever you go!


  • Boat neck details cut


stylish boat neck designs keep on reappearing all over again and they are not only changing the kurtis’ world, but are surely ruling over blouses too! people who love high neck styles, close their eyes and go for boat necks. And if you are much on the festive side, then there are so many embellishments to try on like tassels, cut outs etc that can simply give you a chick vibe and make you glow in every season. These simply styling alternatives and personalization can surely make you the centre of attraction.


  • Triangle cut out on kurti neck


symmetrical geometry shapes always add up an essence of finishing to every cloth material that you plan to choose. Triangles have been our favorite when it comes to kurtis. You can either design the whole neck in a cut V form, or you can even go for a high neck design where a small cut from between makes the upside down triangle for you. To add up, you can align various buttons to the ending edge of the V, or can even go on experimenting with various cloth patches on both the sides of this triangle design.