The aim can be different. It might be to drop a few pounds or to build some strength. There might be other reasons like increasing the overall speed or to just bring in a calming effect. Whichever it might be, wearing weighted clothing all day does the trick. This clothing is not only easy-to-wear, but it also helps in toning the muscles in our body and in optimizing the body mass index. In the case of bodybuilders, they keep adding weights in the workouts as they want to increase the muscle strength and size.

There is also the need to strengthen the bones as it must be adequate to support the added muscles and the increased size. By wearing weighted clothing all day, the heavy load of the body will enhance the proper intake of oxygen. This will also help in strengthening the cardiovascular system. The overall performance of the body will increase when the weighted clothes are worn during workouts. This is because when the weights are removed, our body will function much better as it is trained under resistance. There are different forms of weighted clothing available which can be worn according to the need of the person.

The common weighted gloves

Many people wear the weighted gloves who are into the martial arts or people who are into boxing. This will help in adding resistance to the upper body workouts. As a result, it will tone the arms and will sculpt it in addition to increasing the hand speed. In the case of weighted gloves, the weights are usually present in the back of the gloves. This will provide enhanced grip, pushing and pulling.

Weighted Vests

The most common form of weighted clothing is the weighted vests. Since they are adjustable they apply a balanced weight to the chest but will add resistance to the whole body. In the case of hyperactivity or inattentiveness, there are deep pressure vests which can be used. There are also small pockets present in most of the weighted vests which hold small steel weights which can be removed. There are also pouches which contain gel or sand which can be heated for muscle therapy.

Wrist Weights

In the area where the dumbbells are carried the wrist weights can be strapped on. This will help in adding some pressure. The hands, however, will remain free, but when worn for a long time it will help in increasing resistance. There are Velcro bands as well metal weights available which can be used as wrist weights.

Weighted shirts

This is actually a weight vest and a compression shirt combined into one. This comes in a fitting style and will match the upper body. Since the shirt has all the weight, the pressure put on the joints is reduced here. This will allow free movement of the limbs and joints, and increased metabolic rate.

Weighted Arm Sleeves

This is particularly used for enhancing speed and strength of the arm. A minor weight is placed on the arm, which will increase resistance without hurting the elbow or shoulder joints.

This post was written by Ben Breda from BestHealthGear. Ben is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. You can follow him on social media using these links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.