How to Edit and Convert JPG Files?

JPG files are extensively used to compress image file format. It is a popular image format used in various operating systems, digital cameras and in the web browser. JPG format compresses the file size, which is easily view able and shareable. However, it does not support the transparency.

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To edit the JPG files, many software programs with unified OCR technology are available in which some are high priced, some are unreliable. Well, you can download the trustworthy and professional software JPG to Word Converter from the company Soft Solutions. It converts your output images with high image resolution, image color, image position,and image size. This converter enables storing the output file in the desired location. In a single click, you can convert your file.

The file conversion is quite easy using this software:

  • Select the file for conversion clicking the option “Add Files”. For numerous file conversion, select the folder in which files to be digitized are saved.
  • Now, pick the output image file format from the display list.
  • You can also choose a path for saving the image files by clicking the option under “Choose Output Path”.
  • You can likewise set the resolution of the file under “Choose Resolution (DPI)” option.
  • The image file can be obtained in color or black and white. This can be set under “Colors”.
  • Click the option “Convert” to begin the conversion procedure. You will get your converted files in just a few

There are some advantages using this software to make your file more professional:

Once the JPG to Word Converter completes the conversion process.You are capable to edit the text into your desired format with all kinds of word processors,for example,Microsoft Word. You can also integrate this converted file with any web page, use compression tools and compress the document in less space. This software also support screen readers or speech synthesizers to decode the file and read the content in it

This software is efficient to protect your files using password protected watermark. This will allow the user to limit illegal distribution of the files once the documents are watermarked and password protected, assuring that no one can illegally view or copy the information of your file.

JPG to Word converter enables to preserve text, graphics,and tables. This professional software is capable to maintain the logical structuring and formatting of the single as well as the multi-page document. The software is efficient to recreate accurately and reorganized complicated layout outputs formats such as tabled documents, legal documents, faxes, and graphics, photos that have been taken with both digital and advanced mobile phone cameras.

JPG to word converter can detect and correct orientation, the rotation, tilt and skew in the input images. It can easily identify the reconstruct broken text and characters to provide the best accuracy and recognition.


JPG to Word Converter is a useful tool as it makes your document editable. It has already been used by many organizations. It is valuable in industries that are massively scanning documentation, for example, law offices, government agencies, real estate firms, legal departments, healthcare organizations,andfinancial companies. This software helps in restoring the files at one’s convenience, making life better and easier for everyone