Millennials: Why So Many Businesses Want to Hire Them


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Millennials are changing what most human resource department know about recruiting. There has been a shift in priorities and driving factors for job seekers, as the current job-seeking market is in search of positions that would offer the feeling of doing “meaningful work.” The baby boomer generation is getting ready to retire, and their working population numbers are dwindling. Their generation was more directed at finding a solid, good-paying job and working that position until they reached retirement.


With a growing global economy, employment opportunities have widened in their offerings. Millennials are educated, skilled, more worldly and more culturally diverse (in the United States) than previous generations. They have more job choices than ever and have much to offer to the job market.


Many millennials are starting their own businesses and are set towards accomplishing their goals in life, which is a very attractive quality to employers. It’s this drive and determination that  compel companies to want to hire more millennials. At the end of the day, many millennials want to feel as if they contributed to bettering the world — make sure that the positions you are hiring offer this to attract the younger workers. When individuals are passionate about what the projects that they are involved in, they tend to be more productive, creative and goal-oriented, which all benefit their employer’s bottom line.


Young adults have the ability to see new solutions to problems that may have troubled a company or organization for years. This is thanks to their ability to be a fresh set of eyes in established workplaces, bringing varied toolsets to contribute to their company. Their “out of the box” style of thinking can be contrary to the rational-minded baby boomers, but many great solutions have been a result of debate.


The young people in the current workforce are a different breed, and their minds work in a different way than that of baby boomers. They see technology as a possible solution rather than a setback or challenge to overcome. Between 1982 and 2000, there were 83 million people born. By 2020, 46 percent of workers will have been born during that time frame. Millennials are the biggest generation since the baby boomer generation and are poised to have the biggest online presence, making companies eager to hire them because of their tech savviness.


The interconnectedness of technology and business makes millennials a perfect candidate in nearly every realm of business. The younger workforce has the advantage of growing up in an age where technology is evolving on a daily basis, urging them to be open and adaptive to change — both valuable attributes of an employee.


In addition to adapting quickly to new technologies, adding millennials to your team could also help boost your social media presence. Currently, 52 percent of all millennials have over 300 Facebook friends, making your employees a free marketeer to at least 300 people every day they post something related to your company. While you can’t directly require your employees to post on their social media to benefit your company, you can offer them incentives such as giveaways and sweepstakes to do so.

Keep Them Around

According to a survey by Deloitte, the average time that 43 percent of millennials will stay in a position is about two years before they transition and begin their job search again. Once the HR department has attracted employees that suit the company well, it is wise to do your best to keep them before their loyalty begins to sway. In the same survey, nearly 80 percent of millennials responded that they would prefer to have on-the-spot praise than receive a formal review. Reward your young employees with small yet meaningful incentives such as treating them to lunch or awarding them additional paid time off hours. Nurturing a company culture that is inclusive, comfortable and promotes work-life balance will be alluring to any millennial.


In addition to wanting to do meaningful work at their day job, they also truly value a work-life balance. Consider offering extracurriculars that your employees can participate in that can either be spent doing service work for their community or enriching their professional development that they can easily opt-in or out of without judgement. Connecting with their peers and mapping out professional goals with achievable milestones are assets that may help you to retain your employees longer than other companies.


Longer tenure can be expected if the company puts forth the energy to keep their millennial employees interested and engaged. By being forward-thinking, your company may benefit by attracting the next generation of innovation.

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