Things You Need to Know About Targeting a Vulnerable Audience

One in every five people has some sort of disability. They are working in almost every industry and have variant amounts of savings. This makes them an interesting target audience for some specialized, and numerous general marketing campaigns.

There are ways to target this market and to establish it as a niche for your business. However, it needs to be done in a tactful and respectful manner. Once your company is recognized as one that cares about the issues concerning people with disabilities, it can make a long-lasting foothold in the market.

Engage with the local community

The company that wants to get the trust of people with disabilities needs to engage with the issues concerning them beyond the workplace. This is usually done via the local political bodies and community organizations. Therefore, make sure the company has its representatives in these institutions, in a formal or informal manner.

Use your resources to promote the worthy causes related to the integration and access to those with disabilities in your town and your area. This effort will be noticed and it’ll be both, the right thing to do and a useful marketing tool.

Go to the source

When creating a marketing campaign of any kind you need to include those who the campaign is affecting in the process. This type of market research helps in a very practical way because you get to see how the customer will experience your work.

This is especially true when it comes to the vulnerable audiences. In order to have an effective and lucrative campaign, you need to include people with disabilities in it. Their advice will make the market effort appear more genuine and honest.

Disability organizations

There are numerous disability-related NGOs, both local and nationwide. These organizations usually have a broad overview of what concerns people with disabilities and where more infrastructure and more funding is needed. For the most part, the issues regarding employment are what people struggle with the most.

Create a dialog with these organizations early on. It’s partly a good idea just to listen and learn about the demographic you’re interested in. In the long run, you can also make a difference and help where your company is able to help. The connections you make within these organizations could also prove to be lucrative and helpful.


One of the ways to show that you’re truly a member of the community, and committed to working with those with a disability, is to make sure you hire them in your company. There’s nothing more valuable to a company than its employees, and these sorts of bonds take a long time to forge, but they can’t be easily broken.

There are disability employment services that can help you find the best employees with disabilities who will enrich your company and fit in with your corporate culture as well. They will also assist with making the necessary changes in your office.

Specialized media

There are media that specialize in the topics and needs of people with disabilities. It’s not always a big market, but there are all types of media from traditional newspapers to podcasts and blogs. Try to take advantage of these channels and connect with your audience by becoming a part of their media diet.

One of the things you can do is to appear in this media in the form of interviews and think pieces, but you can also go one step further and help by providing the funding for disability-related media.

Make your support known

Many business owners who have ties with the disabled community hesitate to talk about it in a public and open way. They feel like there’s something wrong in using the ties with the community for marketing and job hunting purposes. However, if the support and activism are genuine, there’s no reason to hide them.

Use every opportunity to say that your company is open to the employees with disabilities and promote your work with the community in both charitable and activist organizations. This isn’t just advertising it is raising awareness about the issue, too.

The big picture

In the end, the efforts to include people with disabilities are important, and often useful, and that’s why you should engage in them. However, they aren’t the most important thing for finding the customers with disabilities. The quality of your services, your products, and your customer support is what’s most important.

In order to attract most customers and keep them loyal, you need to work on making your products better and your services more reliable.

Every company should make an effort to include people with disabilities on their team and to promote its work with these customers in mind. That’s not only good for the community but for the company as well.