4 HR startups that will boom in 2018 according to Business Insider

Business Insider looks every year at the top startups that will “take the tech industry by storm”. Business Insider lists in total 50 startups that will get a lot of press in the years to come and that will most probably disrupt their industries. Amongst those 50 startups, 4 Startups are operating in the wider field of HR.

Who are those startups?

1)      Reflektive: Ongoing employee performance feedback

In a world where everything needs to happen adhoc. Reflektive offers a solution to give continuous feedback throughout the year. Other continuous feedback solutions often operate separated from your HRIS system and miss the integration. Reflektive integrates easily with HRIS systems and also with productivity apps such as Outlook, Slack or Gmail. Especially for SMB companies the integration into these productivity apps can foster adaptation.

2)      JustWorks: Better HR for small businesses

You are a small company? You think you can manage your employees by using Excel or Spreadsheets? Better not! JustWorks offers an easy HR solution including Benefits and Payroll. That way you ensure you stay compliant and all your employee data is stored in one place. After all it is better to ensure your employee’s data is up-to-speed and always updated.

3)      Crew: The app for hourly workers

In many sectors organizations are struggling with managing their hourly or contingent workers. Often seen in industries such as “construction, retail, field services and hospitality”. These workers they play a crucial role but as these employees are often temporary workers they are not added to the leading HRIS system. Crew offers an intuitive app to manage these employees including shift planning.

4)      Pymetrics: Using neuroscience to hire people and avoid unconscious bias

This startup was founded by two former Harvard/MIT-trained PhDs. Candidates are often looking for the perfect job not knowing what they really want or where they perform best. Pymetrics “uses neuroscience games and bias-free AI to predictively match people with jobs”. Instead of looking at the past and what the resume says it “assesses the candidate based on his potential” and finds the right match.

The HR market is one of the hottest markets these days with a lot of venture capital pouring into it. Also in 2018 new and innovative startups will appear and further disrupt the HR landscape. We are curious to see their developments.

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Author: Thomas Dorynek – Manager, People Advisory Services, EY

Thomas is a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in HR Digital Transformation projects. Views are his ownFollow @tdorynek