50+ Online Sources for HR Managers, Part 2

50+ Online Sources for HR Managers, Part 2

The HR Tech Weekly® had already presented its 50+ Online Sources for HR Managers this year, which could be called as Part 1 now, our primary reading list about Human Resources, HR Technology, Recruitment and beyond.

We told that the list was not exhaustive and can easily be expanded up to 100 or 200 and still would not be complete as there are thousands of sources around the web. Since that we’ve got a number of inquiries to try.

Here is our Part 2 of 50+ Online Sources for HR Managers, and Recruiters so far collected in an alphabetical order:

  1. Adrian Tan Blog: http://adriantan.com.sg

  2. Ask a Manager: http://www.askamanager.org

  3. Beamery Blog: https://blog.beamery.com

  4. Bonusly Blog: http://blog.bonus.ly

  5. BreatheHR: http://worklab.breathehr.com

  6. Ceridian HCM Blog: http://www.ceridian.ca/blog

  7. Cezanne HR: https://cezannehr.com

  8. China Gorman: https://chinagorman.com

  9. Corn on the Job: http://www.cornonthejob.com

  10. EmployeeConnect: https://www.employeeconnect.com/blog

  11. Everyday People: http://sbrownehr.com

  12. Evil HR Lady: http://www.evilhrlady.org

  13. HireVue’s Build Blog: https://www.hirevue.com/blog/build-blog

  14. HRE Daily: http://blog.hreonline.com

  15. HR Ringleader: http://hrringleader.com

  16. HR Tech Advisor: https://hrtechadvisor.com

  17. HR Tech Blog: http://www.hrtechblog.com

  18. HRTech Conscience: https://hrtechcon.com

  19. HR Times: https://hrtimesblog.com

  20. HR 360: http://blog.hr360.com

  21. Indeed Blog: http://blog.indeed.com

  22. In Full Bloom: http://infullbloom.us

  23. Inside My Head… : https://garethjones.me

  24. Insperity HR Blog: https://www.insperity.com/blog

  25. Jason Averbook: http://www.jasonaverbook.com

  26. Laurie Ruettimann: http://laurieruettimann.com

  27. NGA Human Resources: https://ngahrblog.co.uk

  28. People Simplified: https://blog.piqube.com

  29. People Stuff: https://hrgemblog.com

  30. Recruiting Daily: http://recruitingdaily.com

  31. Recruiting Headlines: http://recruitingheadlines.com

  32. Recruitment Juice: http://recruitmentjuice.com

  33. Robin Schooling: http://robinschooling.com

  34. Save HR: http://savehr.com

  35. Smart Recruiters: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/blog

  36. Snark Attack: https://mattcharney.com

  37. The Business of Talent: http://blog.bersin.com

  38. The HR Capitalist: http://www.hrcapitalist.com

  39. The HR Gazette: http://hr-gazette.com

  40. The Qustn Cafe: http://blog.capabiliti.co

  41. Top HR Blog: http://humanresourcesblog.in

  42. T Recs: https://mervyndinnen.wordpress.com

  43. Undercover Recruiter: http://theundercoverrecruiter.com

  44. UpRaise Blog: http://upraise.io/blog

  45. WISP HR Blog: https://wispapp.com/blog

  46. Women of HR: http://womenofhr.com

  47. Woobe: http://www.woobe.hr/blog

  48. Workforce Intelligence: http://www.visier.com/workforce-intelligence-blog

  49. XpertHR Blog: http://www.xperthr.com/blog

  50. Your HR Buddy !! : http://nisharaghavan.com

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So, Part 1 and Part 2 give us 100+ brilliant sources which is the good start for reading. Ugh, we told about possible 200… Really? Part 3 is coming next year.

Stay tuned!

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