The HR Tech Weekly : 1st Year of Operations in Infographics


The HR Tech Weekly® started its operations on October 19, 2015 and became popular among the global audience promptly. The entire network includes 25 media channels and has immediate access to 60K followers across 120 countries. 60M people had reached our content during the 1st year of operations.

Here is our year at a glance in short infographics:

The HR Tech Weekly® : 1st Year of Operations [INFOGRAPHIC]
For more details please refer to the Intermediate Results 2016 and Annual Report 2015
It’s our birthday guys, and this day we don’t want to bother you with more data and reflections. First year has gone, and we are looking forward not back!

Thank you very much to all and everyone who has passed this way together with us. See you second year! …and we will try to be useful, interesting and not boring.

Sincerely Yours,

Alexey Mitkin, Editor-in-Chief