Capabiliti beats 96 LMS apps globally at GetApp SaaS Summer Games ’16

Written by Ankit Sindhi | Originally published at The Qustn Cafe 

We’re pleased to announce that Capabiliti – your very own training and engagement platform by Qustn Technologies – has won the bronze medal at the GetApp SaaS Summer Games 2016 for the LMS category.

For those who do not know, GetApp, a Gartner owned company, is an ecosystem of business apps and software platforms such as learning management systems.

GetApp designed the SaaS summer games to find out the most popular SaaS software from the top SaaS companies globally in six different, most popular business app categories, viz. Accounting Software, Social Media Marketing Software, Learning Management System, Employee Scheduling Software, Business Intelligence, and Marketing Automation Software.

Here are the top 5 business apps from the Learning Management System category:

The Qualification Criteria

Apart from the base criteria of being listed on GetApp along with hundreds of other contenders, medals were awarded to SaaS platforms based on the average GetApp user review score of all applications in a given category, as on August 9, 2016.

Moreover, a software must have a minimum of 10 user reviews to qualify, with the gross number of user reviews for an app being the deciding mechanism in case of a tie between 2 apps on the score.

How Capabiliti Won

This win for Capabiliti coincides with the platform crossing a million training and engagement transactions on it for the second quarter running this financial year.

Clients use Capabiliti for employee feedback, training needs analysis, running contests and surveys, improving overall engagement and much more, apart from training and assessing their employees.

Here is what some of the Capabiliti users had to say, that contributed to our rankings:



ss3.pngSource: Capabiliti Reviews on

Mrigank Tripathi, Founder and CEO of Qustn Technologies – the makers of Capabiliti, personally thanked each and every Capabiliti user who supported Capabiliti and came out to express their delight on GetApp in the form of reviews. “Next year, we’re gunning for gold!” he exclaims.

I’ll take a second here and direct any interested users to try out Capabiliti for training, engagement and experience the next level of business intelligence in terms of HR right now!

Country Wise Leaderboard

Capabiliti is the only app from India that made it to the top 3 in this category. Here are the country-wise rankings according to the data provided by GetApp:

What do you think about these app evaluations? How big (or small) a role do they play in influencing your purchase decisions? Tell us!

About the Author:

Ankit SindhiAnkit Sindhi is a digital marketer with Qustn Technologies. He tries hard not to sell his wares when he writes, and often succeeds. When not at work, he is busy networking, playing music, reading, and traveling.

Source: Capabiliti beats 96 LMS apps globally at GetApp SaaS Summer Games ’16

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