Qwory Revolutionizes the Search Engine Industry with Microsoft Azure

Press Release – Qwory & Microsoft

A Business-Oriented Search Engine Gives Back the Time and Money You Thought Were Lost Forever

TEL AVIV – June 27, 2016 – Qwory announced its official arrival on the tech scene, with the vision to change the search experience. Supported by Microsoft Azure, Qwory is a search engine specializing in the detection of businesses and their contact information. The innovative team is determined to carve a niche for themselves among search engine giants.


In the vast Big Data landscape, finding customers that seek exactly what your company offers is like finding a needle in a haystack. The myriad of lead generation tools are too complex and expensive for the average business owner. Endless ping-pong between social networks, company web pages, and email are sucking away at the precious time we don’t have to spare. Qwory’s search engine integrates the above platforms and offers a one-stop-shop for prospect discovery.


“If small businesses are the little fish, then Qwory is the current propelling them upstream to swim amongst the enterprise sharks,” said Or Fialkov, CEO of Fialkov Digital. “Qwory significantly strengthens the ability for SMBs and enterprises to connect and drive the business world forward.”


“We’re pleased that Qwory has chosen Microsoft Azure to help their customers find e-commerce partners,” said Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp. “The Microsoft cloud makes innovation possible, and Qwory’s search engine is a prime example.”


Qwory’s solution is three steps: Search. Engage. Connect. Search for any keyword and filter results by location, business size, social networks, tech platform, and more. Instantly engage with prospects on social media directly through the SERP. Connect with businesses by downloading customized contact lists in Excel or CSV format; lists include email addresses, phone numbers and more for each result. Data is easily integrated into external CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics.


Azure has provided critical support for Qwory’s database. The cloud services of Azure enable Qwory to build a scalable system, scanning and indexing online public data and enabling real-time search. Azure provides a more secure platform, which gives Qwory’s developers the confidence to proceed in other areas of development by relying on Microsoft’s infrastructure. The new search experience, powered by Azure, had changed B2B prospect hunting for the better.


About Qwory: Qwory is a business-focused search engine specializing in finding prospects and their contact information. Their algorithm and unique scoring system provide fresh leads with every keyword search. Founded in 2014, the company is Israel-based. Visit at www.qwory.com


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