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Not so long ago, emergence of personal computers has made new demands to professional skills of workers, and those who hasn’t mastered new equipment, has been literally swept away from the market of jobs. We have already forgotten it, but everything was quite so.

The similar tendency is now observed. The world enters a new digital era and we are on a threshold of the fourth industrial revolution.

Modern technologies radically change the way we do business, and again make new demands, now not only to knowledge and skills, but also to the ways of thinking in constantly changing environment.

New technologies change behavior of employees: how they think as they work, what does motivate them and by what values they profess.

At the same time, not only new technologies change behavior of employees, but also they change ways of their working behavior.

Huge forces radically change internal processes in the organizations and a working environment what we know it.

The increasing influence of globalization and need of continuous manifestation of flexibility in the permanent turbulence will lead to the fact that the future of work will have a little in common with what we have today.

Social networks, mobile applications and cloud computing become a global tendency and the keynote for the development of modern HR technologies.

HCM systems supporting employees on the lifecycle in the organization from graduate recruitment to retirement, analytical modules based on Big Data, advanced recruiting tools with technologies of logical and semantic search, and so on so forth.

The sphere of human resource management became more innovative than ever before, and all attentively observe what else new solutions vendors will present.

Everything occurs extremely promptly, and people in HR aren’t always in time behind emergence of new functionality and business priorities.

At the same time the gap between tendencies in development of HR technologies and actual competences of HR managers is observed!

In the nearest future we should seize more complex and integrated HCM systems, embrace mobile technologies as a platform, master social recruitment and digital marketing, study statistics and analytics, gain more profound scientific knowledge about behavior of a human being.

We are on the threshold of important changes. HR managers are expected not only to master and adjust their skills, but also pro-actively develop a new organizational culture.

The world changes promptly, but not evenly and if someone doesn’t notice these changes, then it doesn’t mean that they don’t happen.

To stay on demand and be successful in the modern world it is necessary to follow in the waterway of mega-tendencies.

In other words, to remain on the place it is necessary to run. If to run long, then by all means you will get to other place. The main thing is to choose the right direction.

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