“Be the Grease” aka the WD-40 Between You and Your Talent

‘WD-40ing’ the Way for Recruiters:

Jason S. Capps, PhD, Content Marketer at Crelate, Inc.

When I was growing up in the Midwest in the 1980’s I saw my dad spend many a weekend working on his ‘baby’, a 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible. He bought the car in 1975 and did a complete restoration over the next three decades. Along with being obsessed with the car my dad was also a big fan of WD-40. “Jason, WD-40 can fix all kinds of things, just spray it on and watch the magic,” he would say as he attempted to get a rusted bolt loose from the engine block of the ’57. WD-40 was also effective for shining up all of the chrome on his classic car.

The great thing about WD-40 is the fact that it is so incredibly versatile – it could be used to ‘fix’ all kinds of things for my dad (aka the ‘weekend warrior mechanic’). If we needed WD-40 and ran out there was no choice but to make a trip to the auto parts store and get more, there were no substitutes for it. Likewise, if we were attempting to do a job that required WD-40 we had to have it or be completely blocked.

1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

Indeed WD-40 has many uses – perhaps as many as 2000 – and is always involved in ‘greasing’ a path for people to make difficult tasks much easier. In the recruiting world I am curious how often recruiters need to act like “WD-40” in order to make it easier to loosen that ‘rusty bolt’ (i.e., the open job requisition) from the engine block (i.e., the talented members of your ATS)?

As a recruiter have you ever felt blocked, stilted, or slowed down because of a cumbersome ATS? In our ongoing “Be the Grease” series I openly wonder, “How can an applicant tracking system or talent relationship management system (TRMS) be a game changer for smoothing the way for recruiters to be more efficient and effective?” If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “Man this system sucks, if only I had something better!” or “I could be great at recruiting if I could just find a more efficient way to keep track of all of my talent” then this article is for you.

One way for recruiters to be the WD-40 is to have recruiting tools that foster relationship-building and engender time saving measures so that connecting with candidates and clients can be the focus, instead of wrestling with a cumbersome ATS. In other words, it’s important to have the right technology solution that ‘sponsors’ and ‘encourages’ greasing the path for linkages between recruiters and candidates. There are several ways we think the right technology can help recruiters do more of what they are highly motivated to do. One of those ways is an ATS/TRMS should make getting candidates into your database a quick and easy process. Recruiters often meet people that could be a good fit for a current opening, or for an opening in the future, and need an effective way to capture their information in an efficient manner.

Import from a Virtual Business Card or Resume

So, the typical scenario might be that through a friend of a friend a potential candidate has sent you their virtual business card and/or a resume they would like you to take a look at. You quickly scan it and are interested in the person and excited to get them in your ATS! It’s precisely at this moment that technology needs to get out of the way and allow you to quickly get their contact materials into your database.

Crelate makes this process super easy. When creating a new contact, simply click on “Import from vCard” or “Import from resume” and then upload the document that contains the contact information for an incoming candidate (the process is identical whether importing a vCard or resume). Once the vCard or resume is uploaded you can then add tags and/or add customers to this candidate and you can also add them directly to a job, noting where they were sourced from, setting someone else as the owner, and/or categorizing them as a ‘client contact’ or ‘candidate’.

Grelate’s Import Feature for new Talent

Next, once you have all of the information you want, click on “Start Import” and let Crelate do its work. You are then allowed the opportunity to ‘Make Edits” and click on “Continue” to get that candidate into your ATS. Finally, you will see a “Summary of import” for the candidate and be able to open up their record and begin ‘being matching them with their next job placement.

Crelate’s Candidate Profile Feature

Capps57#8This is just one way that a Recruiting CRM should help recruiters quickly capture information, from the talented people they are working with, so that the magic of wedding the right opportunity with the right talent at the right time can consistently happen.

Just like my dad used WD-40 to ‘grease’ his way toward restoring a classic car you can ‘grease’ your way to happier customers and more satisfied candidates by having an awesome ATS at your disposal. An effective ATS can allow there to be far fewer ‘blockages’ between customers and candidates.

There is no substitute for WD-40 and likewise there is no substitute for great recruiting tools for your recruiting business. There are ways that effective technology solutions will help make you be the rock star recruiter you are striving to be.

Source: “Be the Grease” aka the WD-40 Between You and Your Talent – Crelate


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