Report by Madgex Shows Job Seekers Busy Day + Night (Even from Bed) on Job Boards

Job Seekers on Job Boards Day and Night

Jason S. Capps, PhD, Content Marketer at Crelate, Inc.

As people become more heavily dependent on a variety of high tech devices, in their lives, it is important to understand the impact of these devises for HR, employment and recruiting. A recent study shows, specifically, the trends for job seekers in the global market. The bottom line: candidates are particularly active mid-morning and in the early evening, but also, somewhat surprisingly, active late in the evening as well. It could serve recruiters and hiring managers to pay heed to these trends for maximum return on sourcing efforts.

Since the increasing reliance on smartphones, iPads and tablets studies show that people are accessing technology more and more at all hours of the day and night in a variety of places. Apparently the average person spends more time on their phones and laptops than sleeping. This means most of us are badly breaking the rules of ‘getting a good nights’ sleep’ habitually by accessing technology so close to bed time.

I wish I could say that I turn off my iPhone 90 minutes prior to falling asleep (as sleep experts prescribe), but that would be a big fat lie! My excuse: my alarm is on my phone, therefore, I MUST have it on my bed side table. Of course, I often am accessing my Twitter feed, Facebook, and email right up to the point where I doze off. And apparently, I’m not alone in my smartphone ‘affliction’ as scores of job seekers are right there with me.

Madgex is a company that powers job boards for over 500 brands. Recently, they conducted an interesting study on job seeker behavior that is worthy of attention and comment. Madgex conducted a ‘diary study’ where they measured the daily habits of folks actively looking for a job. The goal was to accurately depict the ‘typical way’ that job seekers went about conducting their ‘job seeking’ behaviors without interfering with their routines.

A few of the highlights included:

In the Morning:

  • About 33% of job searches occur in the morning before work (though very few applications are sent during this period)
  • Many job seekers do a quick browse for opportunities during their commute to work
  • A typical job seeking session in the morning lasts 10-30 minutes and includes checking job alerts, notifications, and researching new opportunities on job boards
  • Also, the peek times that people visit job boards and apply for jobs is mid-morning
  • Most job seeker activities convene on Mondays or Tuesdays

During the Work Day:

  • During the typical working day, job seeking happens in short, quick bursts on a desktop or during breaks (often using a combination of mobile and desktop)
  • Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are often perused for the latest opportunities
  • High numbers of applications are sent around midday and in the afternoon during the week

In the Evening:

  • More time will be spent taking a deeper look at potential opportunities and more research is conducted on companies and roles being advertised
  • This is also the time when resumes, CVs, and applications are worked on
  • It’s very common for people to be using a laptop or mobile while relaxing (and multi-tasking by doing job seeker behaviors)

Later in the Evening:

  • Interestingly, 12% of all of the ‘job seeker time” (searching, researching, and applying for jobs) occurred while in bed

On the Weekends:

  • Job seeking activities see a significant drop off on the weekends, as most candidates believe that not a lot happens over weekends

For professional recruiters and hiring managers, given how important content marketing and sales has become for sourcing quality candidates the information in this report is intriguing.

The implications are it’s crucial to think about the timing of when you are posting jobs to your job board and choosing to interact on your social media channels to maximize reach and eye balls to your open opportunities.

It’s not enough to have a great job posting or fantastic piece of content marketing–research shows that timing may be everything in order to be successful at finding the right candidate for the right opportunity.

For access to the full report and to learn more, click here.

Source: Report by Madgex Shows Job Seekers Busy Day + Night (Even from Bed) on Job Boards – Crelate