Top 20 HR Blogs to Follow

Written by Sabrina Son | Originally published at TINYnews.

As an HR professional, you need to keep up with the latest trends. These 20 blogs are a treasure trove of knowledge for employee engagement.

Optimized-iStock_000078444667_SmallThink there aren’t any breakthroughs in HR? Think again. Just like the world’s best musicians, actors, and artists never stop studying and refining their craft, so too should HR professionals and managers constantly look for areas in which they can improve.

If you’re trying to improve your HR department — and continuous improvement should always be a goal — the first thing you should know is that you don’t have to do it completely on your own. You can follow these 20 HR blogs instead:

1. Bonusly

It’s a known fact that employee recognition is a must-have in the workplace (or at least it needs to be). Bonusly knows a thing or two about employee appreciation, so turn to them when you want the nitty-gritty on recognition.

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2. Glassdoor

Despite being known as a place for disgruntled employees to vent, Glassdoor also caters to employers with their blog. Learn all the tips and tricks for recruiting in this employee market.

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3. SnackNation

The folks over at SnackNation understand that accomplishing great things starts with a great appetite. Their blog is certainly worth following, particularly if you’re looking for some wellness ideas that can help increase employee engagement.

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4. HR Bartender

Like Demers, Sharlyn Lauby has found a career in HR. Because her job involves talking with employees constantly, she fancies herself a bartender of sorts. Her blog — appropriately titled HR Bartender — focuses on leadership and management, office politics, and career advice.

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5. Evil HR Lady

People in HR aren’t evil — though some folks might perceive them that way. Enter Evil HR Lady, a place where that stereotype is debunked by exposing what’s really going on behind the scenes.

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6. Acacia HR Solutions

Looking for another blog to follow that offers great tips on potentially controversial HR situations? Look no further than the blog maintained by Acacia HR Solutions. Take my word for it: you’ll like what you find.

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7. HR Ringleader

Trish McFarlane maintains HR Ringleader, a blog that covers the latest developments related to HR technology and human capital management. Follow her blog and get fresh insight on how to be a better manager or HR professional.

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8. Your HR Buddy

HR representatives are supposed to be your buddy. But not all of them act that way. There’s good news: Nisha Raghavan maintains Your HR Buddy, a blog that explores career advice, employee engagement, management, and, perhaps most importantly, how we can have fun at work.

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9. Corn on the Job

Rich DeMatteo offers advice and opinions for everyday job seekers on Corn on the Job. In addition to offering a wealth of tips and tricks, this blog perhaps takes the cake for having the coolest name. Added bonus: readers of Corn on the Job are referred to as “corn heads.” Need we say more?

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10. HR Potential

Looking for an HR perspective from a young mom? Head on over to HR Potential, a comprehensive HR-focused blog that’s maintained by Helen Tracey. You’ll learn about things like why leadership shouldn’t be hereditary and why we need to rethink networking.

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11. Everyday People

Steve Browne lives and breathes all things HR. There’s good news for the rest of us: he regularly maintains an HR-focused blog, Everyday People, where he offers advice as to what folks can do to improve their careers and be happier at work. As a manager or HR professional, you will almost certainly want to hear what this funny and insightful guy has to say.

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12. T Recs

OK, maybe we jumped the gun on the HR-related blog with the coolest name. That award might belong to Mervyn Dinnen, who maintains a blog called T Recs. The blog provides a slew of fantastic information pertaining to everything from HR analytics to recruitment to emerging trends, so you’ll have no problem finding some gems.

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13. Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers

This blog doesn’t really need much of introduction — its title should cue you in on everything you need to know about what’s covered there. If you’re looking to learn about the future of HR, the importance of meditation, or well-being, head over to Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers.

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14. The HR Capitalist

Curious about the monetary implications of HR? Look no further than The HR Capitalist, a comprehensive blog that covers everything from 401(k)s to economics to compensation and more. Follow it and you may very well become a financial guru yourself.

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15. Change Effect

Sure, it can make the office a better place. But can HR really make the world a better place? The folks over at Change Effect seem to think so. Head over there to read keen insight on the modern state of HR.

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16. Women of HR

Looking for a feminine perspective on HR — and only a feminine perspective? If so, Women of HR has you covered. The site came together when a bunch of, you guessed it, women in HR came together and asked themselves why there wasn’t a one-stop shop for all things related to the future of business as the fairer sex envisions it. And lo, their blog was born.

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17. The Cynical Girl

Life isn’t always roses and rainbows. Good news for HR folks and job seekers: Laurie Ruettimann understands that perfectly, which is why she launched The Cynical Girl. (To be fair, the blog has since migrated over to her eponymous URL.) She’s been recognized by both CareerBuilder and CNN for the quality of the advice she offers.

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18. Inside My Head

Who doesn’t like stream of consciousness writing? Particularly when it’s about the lovely world of HR? Well, there are probably some people, but hopefully you’re not included in that category. Assuming that’s correct, head on over to Inside My Head, an HR-focused blog that’s maintained by Gareth Jones. He covers everything from gamification to the war for talent to the future of HR and everything in between.

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19. The HR Blog

It’s probably one of the most straightforward blog names on the internet, so chances are you already know what you’ll find when you head to The HR Blog. For the past four years, readers have flocked to the blog to find out how they can solve problems related to both their careers and their job searches.

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20. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

If you want a happier staff, it may be time to focus on doing all that is within your power to improve employee morale. An easy way to do that is to head over to the blog of Alexander Kjerulf, the Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc. It’s hosted on, so you know what you can expect to find there.

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