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Identifying if the applicant has the skills to perform the specific job is a well-known key factor to analyze during the recruitment process. However, the procedure should also importantly focus on recognizing whether we are dealing with the right type of person who will conduct the activities required.

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Personality tests play a crucial role when measuring whether the person’s work style and predictive behavior match the job at stake. It is clear that the 2000’s have seen the rise of personality assessments in recruitment, however, the industry is constantly proposing hundred of tests all claiming to be the most effective, while the reality still shows clear shortcomings on the way companies use them.

Here at skeeled, we encourage you to understand and become aware of the main aspects to take into account when processing personality tests and give you recommendation on how our software (incorporating Wonderlic’s assessment) will help you get rid of the costs and inefficiencies that a wrong use may bring.

  • Any common personality test may tell you relevant aspects about the personality traits of the candidate or display easy-to-read graphics pointing out how the applicant matches the personality required for the job. Nevertheless, sector criticism suggests that these tests do not always imply accurate prediction on job performance, unless you have the most competent one in the market. In any case, you should as well make effective use of interviews and group dynamics to understand how the candidate reacts to certain situations.
  • Also, even though choosing an assessment (requesting participants to make choice from a fixed number of options) may decrease number of faked responses, it does not allow to compare your candidates with others. A normative test based on a ranking scale (i.e. from 1 to 10) will let the recruiter compare different personality traits with the other applicants. At the end of the day, faking respondents trying to look suitable for the job can easily be under-covered during interview day when analyzing their face-to-face reaction.
  • The costs attached can also be a huge burden for the company. It’s a simple factor that’s often ignored but indeed the more candidates applying the higher the cost arising from each test provided. In order to save money, big companies tend to apply personality tests at the end of the selection process to those who have passed the recruitment phase. By doing this, they do not realize that they have excluded a great amount of qualified participants who were not able to take the test and whose personality could have high correlation with the job vacancy.

What can we offer you?

At skeeled, our personality test by Wonderlic is completed by every applicant during the recruitment process making sure that all the candidates are fully screened. It incorporates the Big Five Model (openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism) being the most robust and scientifically proved method of modern personality research.

Our software also incorporates a system of pre-recorded interviews in which our clients have the chance to check for personality results, analyze skills and watch candidates’ reactions all-in-one already from the office, reducing the time and cost of hiring. What’s more, the algorithm will give you the list of the best candidates based on the highest matching scores.

Do not wait more and reinvent the future of recruitment with us. Please do not hesitate to follow us on LinkedIn and contact us if you have any questions. Thank you very much for reading and see you soon at our blog.

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