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As we approach the end of the year, it’s often interesting to reflect on some of the trends we saw this year. With automation in IT companies being the trend, many companies are cutting down on costs by automating processes and outsourcing jobs. This attempt to gain efficiencies applies to the recruitment industry as well. The question then arises as to how truly efficient are these strategies for productivity since communication and close collaboration play an important role in driving any organization.  For this reason many Applicant Tracking Systems are emerging to fill the void. 

However, there are smaller recruitment companies and start ups that also need the right tools to facilitate their processes and to them being organized is absolutely essential to knock out more work with fewer hands on deck. Applicant Tracking Systems help streamline this, but most come with a high price tag. Given that the smaller companies and startups are short staffed, they end up using cloud based applications such as Dropbox, Google Apps and Trello to manage daily operations. Using a combination of different apps does not necessarily address 100% of their recruitment needs. 

How can Snaprecruit help?

Snaprecruit is a new app that helps smaller companies achieve better results by facilitating collaboration and simplifying HR management. This light weight workflow app is cloud based and a one-stop shop for every part of the recruitment process for small business needs. Snaprecruit is trello, google drive, slack, skype all in one place. It includes features that help recruiters with applicant and document management. In addition, Snaprecruit offers an OnDemand feature that allows companies to market themselves by sharing jobs or applicants on a personalized webpage that brands their company. Co-workers can also communicate with each other via chat and audio-video calls without having to install any additional software which is unique in ATS market.

How much does it cost?

Snaprecruit is a web based SaaS product and they are running a promotion that ends this December 31st, 2015. Its absolutely FREE to use if you can register before this date.  However prices go up to $24.99 per month starting January 1, 2015. So register soon to take advantage of this promotion.

What are the key features ?

The following is a break down of the features:

– Post jobs for free

– Jobs posted by you will get pushed to free job boards like PostjobFree, Craigslist, TrovIT, Juju Board etc..

– Upload resumes and manage applicants for the jobs posted.

– Create folders and bulk upload your resume collection to perform skill set search.

– Summarize resumes with one click.

– Share resumes of qualified candidates with your clients while marketing your company with an OnDemand page.

– Have audio-video calls with other registered users.

– Create chat rooms and work on positions together.

What sets Snaprecruit apart from other Applicant Tracking Systems?

 – They summarize resumes which is quite interesting.

 – Text based search lets you filter through thousands of resumes.

 – Audio-Video call capability allows registered users to make calls for free.

 – Real-time chat functionality for team collaboration. 

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