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Our topic this week: Improving your Quality of Hire.


A recent survey has shown some very serious changes in how recruiters search for new talents, and an ever growing focus on improving the quality of new hires. Recruiters often find that sourcing qualified and suitable candidates for their vacancies can be a stumbling block, so competition to find the top talents is higher than ever. So what constitutes improving hire quality? And what benefits can be gained from focusing on this aspect of recruitment?

No effective recruiter ever sets out to hire the wrong candidate for a particular vacancy. Hiring the wrong person is costly to the organization and can prove disruptive in terms of upsetting the current team or hampering progress on particular project. Recruiters should strive to hire the best talent they can, and find the best candidate that will add value to the team, fit well within the culture of the company, and of course carry out the tasks involved in their role with ease. But how can a recruiter improve the quality of candidates applying for their vacancies? Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Know the difference between the job profile, and the personal profile. Obviously certain skills are needed for the role, but what type of person are you looking for? Job seekers nowadays find job adverts with a more personal appeal a lot more intriguing.
  • Modern recruitment practices have a little bit of marketing and sales integrated into the thought process now, so if you are recruiting, ask yourself what is your value proposition? How best to sell the organization, and the role, to the right candidates is crucial if you want to attract the top talent for your vacancies.
  • Be open to answering questions and giving information to candidates that ask for it. A little transparency goes a long way!
  • On-boarding: How proficient are your current processes in getting new hires up to speed? (We’ll discuss this in a blog quite soon)
  • A brilliant new hire, with the matching skills and personality can not only fill the vacancy, but also improve motivation and cohesion in your current team, add value to the department, and provide a person who may become a leader in the organization one day.

Improving hire quality in an ever increasing competitive market is a challenge for even the most dedicated recruiter, but modern HR tech platforms, like ours here at skeeled.com, can rapidly enhance your quality of hire, and help you build a team for the long run. If you want a real return on investment from your recruitment processes; come talk to us!

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